Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Saturday In The Park(ing Lot)................"

Good Afternoon;
Well, I feel human again, I showered and shaved at AnnaMarie's last night. Nine days of 85-90 degree heat and humidity can be a bitch, when you are trying to do your best to stay clean by washing up in restrooms. I also ate a meal with a fork that was not a salad, (Mac & Cheese!......from the 'blue box'! I have been out on the corner twice, since last posting, once only long enough to get $10.00 for meds, and last evening I picked up about $17.00, in an hour, (over a 3 hour period, with a serious thunderstorm rain delay of around 2 hours), and left when I started to feel somewhat paranoid about the cops.
When I got to the Lutherville Light Rail stop, the stream I have to cross was spilling over the stepping stones, and I was trying to figure a way across, when a bunch of teenagers on their way to the O's game came by, half of whom had flip flops on and the rest sneakers, we looked at each other across the stream, and shouted out..'barefoot'.. at the same time.....I guess you had to be there, but it was Luckily AnnaMarie drove me back, as it was too dark to go stumbling through at night.
the shed had been really hot, but last night was reasonable.
I stopped by the Rachel's this morning, and plan on taking her somewhere..???...on Sunday.
Time is up again, and I am not going to get back on before closing time, so I will be back on Monday, I am heading out to try to grab a few dollars for us tomorrow, and for a new batch of meds on Monday.......see ya.....................Dave

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