Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome..................."

Good Evening;
It has been an up and down 24 hours, kinda like being an epileptic jumping bean...on a pogo stick.....with one finger in an electric socket. From, happy to pissed off, to elated, to humbled, to resigned, to annoyed, to frustrated, to mellowed, to truly GRATEFUL!...not neccessarily in that order, and sometimes even two or more emotions flaring concurrently.
For now, just the USA Today version....lol! I got some money, but not what I expected or needed; I was given a whole bag of pastries, (3 days ago which I am Still partaking of), a lot more than I expected; I washed clothes, but I had no place to shower; I said F*ck it and spent money I really shouldn't of on a room, because it has been too long since I slept in a bed...and the bed was so damn uncomfortable, I could not get to sleep, but I showered twice...just because; Iwent out with Rachel and had a wonderful day; I got a letter from D.O.R.S. with an appointment, the day AFTER I have to go to court. I have money for Monkee, and she is working until 8:00 pm. tonight, so I am going to be out late in the hood ...on a night of thr full moon....and I am out of time...........Dave

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