Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Homeland Security----Security Blanket----Blanket Coverage---???......If It's Good Enough For LINUS, It's Good Enough For Me!..."

Good Afternoon;
First....the daily...."COOOOLLLL!!!"....

And...she is so heart-achingly!'s still raining, and will be tomorrow too, and into Saturday,nice weather....if you're from the Pacific Northwest, the British Isles, the Falklands, Joe Bltxxyyllzzxxtkkppllkkxxx from Dogpatch, or clinically depressed. Luckily, the dampness, which has me in too much pain, and my anxiety over the upcoming court date, which is consuming most of my waking moments, both are keeping the depression to managable pre-suicidal,(??).

I went out to the St. Thomas Starbucks on impulse today and ran into Rich who had this really huge and soft and thick blanket for me.
(You know, just like the one you had when you were a kid that was so big you used to cover the dining room table with it and make a tent that could insulate you from the reality that was the insanity of the rest of the family.)...(or maybe that was just My childhood, I just found out that the game is called ....'Hide'....AND!!!! "Seek!!!!!".....who knew?)(and that when other kid's folks asked them if they wanted to go out for a ride in the car, not only did it include a ride HOME, but they didn't have to ride in the trunk!)....LOL.
But I digress, I now have a blanket that not only will cover me and keep my feet warm, but that I can lay out under me and over me and wrap around me to the point that on the coldest days I could me mistaken for the worlds largest burrito.....or!...............Thanks Rich!
And in that spirit...check out....
Somehow this month I have not done well in the money management department, only 1/3 of the way through, and I'm down to $10.00 cash and $40.00 in food credit. I can still eat well enough, but coffee and phone activation are looking down. Ah well, I was looking to loose some weight and eat less anyway.
Okay, I'm not feeling like writing today....later....Dave

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