Monday, November 2, 2009

"Spam Scam Scum..........'

Good Morning;
Finally, a nice sunny day! I had to try to curl my body like an eel to avoid the multiple leaks that appeared in the shed this weekend. Did you know that Neosporin Triple Anti-Biotic Ointment makes an acceptable emergency caulk and 'drip channeling system'?...LOL!
Yesterday was spent at the Starbucks, from about 1:00 pm. until close. I layed around until 11:00 am., wanting to go to the library at 1:00 pm. but my back and boredom said 'get up and get out'.
I was able to get through the weekend with $2.32 by saving my coffee cup, (I forced myself to use paper, instead of a real, and using the old 'puppy dog eyes' to get a "refill"..[wink wink]..on my card for free, and I had a bag of breakfast sandwiches that had been marked out on Friday that were still good. I have to hunt around for some cash that I am expecting today so I can get my bus pass and put some minutes on my phone and do laundry..(the cool weather helps to extend both the length of time between showers and laundry, that is a help). I thought I would be able to spend my monthly night in a room, but it does not look good at this point. I want to take Rachel out tomorrow and as much as I can this month, hopefully I can trade some food credit for cash later on this week.
Public Service Warning:
Be aware that some of these spam/scam operations are using your Facebook friends names to suck you into opening E-mails. I have received 2 different e-mails purporting to be from Facebook, saying "So and So has posted on your wall......" and it was a sucker ad. The one I was joking about in Saturday's post was NOT!! from my friend, but sure looked real.
Number 3,000 still wishes to remail response yet....LOL!
I'm going to get out and get some sunshine and fresh air....and COFFEEEEEEEE!

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