Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Justice Has Been Rerouted...From Present To Future Tense... The Law Is So In Love With The Law...It's Forgotten Common Sense!"......Ogden Nash

Good morning;
As you can most likely tell, I am not incarcerated....yet.
It was a mass arraignment, that's it. What could have been done at the previous court appearance, or by mail, wasted the time of 30 - 40 people. Judge, bailiff, clerk, 2 sheriffs, 2 representatives from the public defender's office, and the woman who is the go between for Child Support Enforcement and the courts, plus all the defendants, some of whom lost time from work, and in one case a job.
All this just to be given courts dates 4 to 5 months hence, 'Sign here please and have a seat until your name is called', 90 minutes later 'All rise....yadda yadda yadda...', and then to be told that one has a right to an attorney, here is a form for a public defender, you can leave now...!!
So, I have breathing room until March 23rd, to somehow come up with SOME sort of solution. I really did not need all this effin' stress of uncertainty, that could have easily been relieved with just a dose of information. A few dozen of us standing in a damn daisy chain all around the perimeter of the court room, all mumbling yes, no, and yes again, then a mass exodus for the elevator....can you say..."Clusterf*ck" ?!?...(I've always had a certain affiliation with that word....wonder why.....LOL!)
At least a half dozen people who need to be able to drive to even GET!! a job, so as to pay their due, tried to ask the judge or the child support representative how to get their licences restored, which had been suspended for owing the state monies, and the only answer they could give was that you had to already have a job DRIVING to GET it back...The typical 'Catch 22', am I the only one who sees the futility of even trying to deal with these government morons??? 'We don't care that you could make $50.00 driving a big rig, go to work at a fast food joint and make minimum wage...(if you can get there from where you live out in the country). DUH!!!
Anyway, I am exhausted now as all the stress toxins leave my body. I am heading either to pick up my bag at Rachel's and then back to Starbucks...OR...Back to Starbucks and then to Rachel's to get my bag....lol. (And if it's option 2, I'll probably end up back at Starbucks this evening anyway).
I'll be back tomorrow after I go to D.O.R.S. at 10:00 am., we'll see if THIS agency runs on logic or is a 'Bureaucratic Mobius Strip'.

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