Wednesday, November 11, 2009

" 'Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money.....Take 3......(But Maybe It Would Be Best To Leave The Guns In The Car)..."

Good Afternoon;
If I had thought of this myself I would not have left it so late, but some just this minute said to me....'Why not ask your readers?' here goes.....
Hello loyal readers, among the multitude of dozens of you out there faithfully hanging on my every word or holding your breath in anticipation for each new installment, or even those of you who feel inexplicably mesmerized by this train wreck of a life of mine, drawn to it like flies to carrion......are there any LAWYERS, (nice segue...hah!) looking to do a little pro bono work, I could use some, advice, support and representation with the upcoming child support trial/hearing (??) in Circuit Court on the Tuesday,17th of November.....PLEASE...I'm kinda worried, since I was told the Public Defenders Office will NOT handle these types of cases.
And I'm pleading for a real lawyer, not a graduate of "Guido's and Nunzio's School of Law...and Unwanted Hair and Body Removal Parlor", [..not to denigrate those fine attorneys and solvers of difficult dilemnas..I have used their services on occasion, and have been completely satisfied, but their solutions tend to be toward the more 'explosive' end of the spectrum..], someone who can help me deal with the cluelessness of the court and the bench and those who have no concept of living on the streets.
This, I am NOT kidding about, if there are any lawyers reading this.
Thanks ........Write me,..via e-mail........Dave

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