Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Public Service Event......."Have Appetite........Will Travel......!!!............"

Be The Envy Of Your Neighbors!
You can be one people point at and talk about with respect and esteem.
When folks mention community service, compassion, and committment, it can be you they use as an example for others.
How, you may ask, how can I earn the high regards of my spititual advisor and fellow congregants?
It Is So Simple..Even A Child Can Do It!
Just by following the teachings of all the major religions and philosophies and the actual commandments of many.
By taking someone less fortunate, some one who may not have the benefits of shelter, security and sustenance you do into your home and sharing your bounty and gratitude with them.
By doing so, you may earn not only admiration and blessings in this world, but depending on your spiritual inclinations, "Heavenly Brownie Points", or a few extra punches on your "Get Out Of Hell Free" card!
But you say, I don't know anyone who is Homeless.......
You do!!!
On a first come, first share basis, (or to be fair, honest and even handed if there are multiple invitations;..a 'time share' arrangement), I am making myself available to any and all who wish to mix happiness with humility and extend the hand of friendship.
Your children can learn that Homeless does not always mean derelict, and that in many cases they can have the same interests, values, and morals as someone less affluent. (It may also count as credit towards the mandatory community service needed for graduation)
The dietary needs and table manners of the Homeless visitor are much the same as your own, (though he may request a few extra moments to take advantage of the opportunity to use the washroom and facilities, so as to feel presentable in the face of company).
Just think, you too can celebrate Thanksgiving in the true spirit in which it is meant to be observed!
(This offer is also available throughout the year for other holidays, and even 'just for today')
If You are interested in participating in this opportunity....
well you KNOW where to pick me up or leave a message...(just think Coffee...and our first President...and exercise the old logic
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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