Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Words and Music....AKA....Song and Dance................."

Good Afternoon;
Well I made it through the Thanskgiving holiday and 'black friday', which was actually gray and windy and cold. I spent Turkey Day in the sleeping bag until 11:00 am. and then after taking the bus to Mt. Washington at the Starbucks from Noon ubtil they closed at 4:00 pm....what a drag....then I rode the Metro Subway for 16 trips from Johns Hopkins Hospital station to Owings Mills station..and back, and back, and get the picture. I went in the shed about 8:00 pm. and read until the battery died. I lay there and thought about the things I am grateful for a while longer, and those for which I am not, and about how easy it is to use the word friend as a noun, and how rare it is to actually use it in action as a verb.
I'm not bitter, but my eyes have been opened, as to who really 'walks the walk', who 'talks the talk' and throws a couple bucks at a situation to soothe a conscience, and who smiles a 'cheshire grin' and then talks behind your back. And then there are the people who make offers or promises with no intention of keeping them, while swearing eternal solidarity....until you try to take them up on the offer...and all of a sudden they cannot be found.

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