Monday, November 9, 2009

"The PRINCESSES.....&......the Pauper...........................'

Good Morning;
Another awesome day (weather wise), to cap off a pretty awesome week (people wise). This past week, I've spent time with My daughter Rachel, Anna Marie and her daughters, e-mailed and chatted with my eldest daughter Jenn and received pics of Rachel and the my grand kids at the State Fair, chatted, e-mailed, spoke and then actually, physically, real time, live in the flesh!! met with Michelle, one of Rachel's namesakes, after a 5 year gap(and it was if we had only been apart for a minute), chatted and e-mailed with my other friend Michelle.

I was on Facebook, and chatted..(I was her 'first'...LOL) with my friend Anne, (who was working, but needed a 'sanity break', with whom I have been having an 'e-relationship' (platonic), for the past year.

[I had placed a bunch of personal ads on Craigslist about a year ago, mostly just for 'sh*ts and giggles', and out of a couple dozen responses, most of which were rude, crude, and lewd, (and I am not going to try to keep count of all the "dates!!"....aka 'prostitution' opportunities...LOL), I made 3 connections and of those three, Anne and I have continued exchange e-mails, and she reads the blog. I mentioned that I would be leaving to go out to Mt. Washington, and if she liked she was welcome to stop by on her way home. Turned out she was working from home and lives near the we got a chance to meet. We (and Rachel) had tried once before, but had ended up missing each other in the hallway at the Hopkins cafeteria. When we met, it was so easy to talk and laugh with one another, since the ice was already broken through our e-conversations. I had a wonderful, lovely time, (and I did she..[I]).

The next awesome happening was that yesterday I went to the coffee shop way early in the morning, so that I could meet up with Neil, who told me last week that he is there on Sunday mornings from 7:00 am. to 11:00 am. working on his dissertation. Wellll, of course THIS Sunday he wasn't! (though I am making light here, I am sorry to say that his reasons were not).
So I spent the morning out on the back patio in the sun, waiting until the Light Rail started running and I could get out to Lutherville and Anna Maries's house,(...with shower, washer/dryer, TV & football games, and oven...). As I was looking out across the parking lot, I saw a familiar car with a blond head drive by. I stood up and peered at the license tag...and....IT WAS! It was Lynn!!!! My friend from the Pikesville Starbucks, who I have not seen but once since it closed, and lost track of when Towson Catholic High school, where she was a teacher, closed up also, which meant that her e-mail was no longer active. I hurried over to Whole Foods and stood in front of the door with my arms crossed and a sh*t-eating grin on my face. She did a double take and hugged me and we stood on the pavement, dodging, and talked for a good long time. I got her new e-mail address and a promise to keep in touch. This is the woman who would slip cash into my pockets, sometimes on the sly and I would not realize it until later on in the day, sometimes overtly. When the weather was so bitter and dangerously cold last winter, she helped me get a room one night. It also turns out that she and Chuck, (her husband), live only a few blocks from where I did for 10 years, in the same neighborhood only a couple doors from a high school buddy..strange, finding this out 35 years!
So it has been a pretty cool week in one respect, and I am hoping to see Jenn tonight too.
time is up.................later...Dave

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