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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Bad Day For Bullsh*t.......Part.1....................."

Good Evening;
Well, it's raining like a bitch again and I am all the way back against the wall at the Giant, under the overhang, about 20 feet back, and I'm still getting wet from the spray....and the SPLASH! It's a good thing I like thunderstorms and lightning...(the Appalachian Trail flashback a few posts ago, remember...........lol!)
Of course the rainstorms, (yes, plural), that were coming through the roof of the shed as if it were a colander in finger thick streams that turned the layers of cardboard box 'flooring' back into pulp had their negative moments. A new section of waterlogged insulation fell, revealing another hole rotted through the roof. Luckily, knock wood, 'my' third of the shed is still reasonably watertight, and raised above the other levels slightly. Although I did end up getting misted from disintegrating water droplets hitting a 'splash guide/drip diverter' that I had to rig up out of a 5" x 12" x [1/8">0"] cedar shim so that one errant drip would not keep hitting the foot of the sleeping bag.

Oh great...a blue screen 'emergency' shutdown and now a restart, and my battery is low again.

If I get to the shed I'll recap the day in more detail....but in the Readers Digest Condensed version it goes somewhat like this"

Wake at 6:00 am., after 2 whole hours of sleep with side hurting and bladder complaining,
Take morning meds, (except BP meds...see previous postings),
and fall back asleep until 7:20 am. when garbage truck collides with Cadillac Escalade 20 yards from shed....sounds of sheet metal, plastic, and glass losing battle to approximately 50,000 pounds of steel and freshly collected cantaloupe rinds & coffee grinds, used teabags & tampons, last Sunday's comics and last night's condoms.

And the day went downhill from there.....
suffice it to say I waiting for the rain to let up enough to get into the shed to spend the night instead of sleeping in the A/C at Jenn's because of the piece of sh*t upstairs neighbor who not only would not turn down his damn surround sound TV system...but turned it up, and then would not answer the phone. I am unable to call the cops, and Tom was not about to attempt to deal with the drunken bastard,....so, screw it I left!

really outta battery.....

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