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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"One Sheet To The Wind......And Rain...................."

Good Afternoon;
So I'm back at the Mt.Washington Starbucks again. I got the access code for Jenn and Tom's WiFi last night and never got around to using the computer.
After I signed off at the library yesterday I met Evan at his son's karate dojo as they were on the way in. We talked for a bit and I met his wife again then they had to go inside. I went over to the Giant to grab something for dinner and caught the bus to Jenn's. They went out to a meeting and unbeknownst to me went to the food store afterwards, getting back near Midnight. Since the noisy neighbors seem to have somehow been notified of the laws and regulations and just plain old common sense and decency regarding excessive noise and violation levels in Baltimore, (quite possibly from a pamphlet available from the city explaining and detailing such things that may have arrived in the mail......hmmmm, wonder how that happened?), and there was no intruding bass or decibels....I spent the night in the recliner.
(With my feet raised as high as possible and the back reclined as far as possible without ALL the blood rushing to my head. My feet and lower legs are beginning to swell again, so I guess I better get to JAI on Friday and be prepared to spend the day in the waiting room so I can see my doctor to get my BP meds refilled.......and I can't put this off any longer either, my left upper abdomen has been getting steadily more uncomfortable to the point of pain on a full time basis, not intermittently, and my normal dosage of bupe has less of an effect on it. It is becoming too constant to ignore anymore. If you remember from the beginning of the year the spleen was enlarged with no specific cause found, but not yet in a dangerous amount. Between that, the pancreas, the left lobe of the liver and the neuropathy from the pneumonia surgery there is a whole smorgasbord of possibilities to examine......oh happy happy joy joy!

Tonight it is back to the shed and if I am feeling up to it and not sleepy I am going to drag all the waterlogged cardboard 'flooring' out and over to the dumpster. I think I am going to see how the concrete drains without it next downpour. I am still considering scrounging up some polyethylene sheeting and tacking it down over the shingles on the whole roof to try to reduce what started as a trickle and has grown to a steady stream of water back down to drips. I figure I need roughly around 30 x 10 feet of sheeting or tarp to cover most of the roof and a slight overhang on the side that will let the water flow away from the rotted wall. I want clear because it will be least noticeable, and I think I can find some 'end of roll' or used pieces in a dumpster nearby. If I can't find one big piece a few large pieces that overlap on the way down the slope would work, and Tom has a staple gun I can use.

It's time to eat some lunch.........................

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