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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Toots And The Maytals..............Meet..........................Carole King........................."

Good Evening;
Well yesterday was fun. Actually the fun goes all the way back to Sunday night when 4 of Baltimore's fine young upstanding citizens said "let's f*ck with the white boy" as I waited on the bench across from Jenn's apartment complex for the bus. Having seen and sensed that they were up to something, and hearing one pair call out to the other, I was already pumping the old adrenal glands at full capacity and as they began to flank me I rushed out into the oncoming traffic like a crazy man just as the light changed and a long line of cars started speeding past. I stopped the bus across the street and jumped on headed towards the subway station and as they got across the street finally the bus had pulled off. I saw them turn and attempt to cross over again but the other traffic light had changed releasing it's pent up lines of cars. As I got to the subway and hustled across the overhead walkway above Wabash Ave. they made it to the bus loop, looked around and headed over to the subway at street level. There was a train approaching in the distance but I did not know whether I would make it before they got up to the platform or not so I pulled a screwdriver from my bag...just in case. The train arrived and I jumped on and ducked down just as they got to the platform and began running down the length of the train, 2 in one direction, 2 in the opposite. Just as they started walking through the train from both ends towards me the doors began to close and I dove through at the last second. They saw me and tried to pry the doors open but the train was already getting up to speed and they could not. I jumped on the next train in the other direction which arrived moments later, getting off 3 stops down the line at Mondawmin and jumping on the bus up to Pikesville.....adrenaline still coursing through my system and endorphins starting to kick in as my heart pounded like a jack hammer. I got back without incident and went to the Giant to wash off with some cold water and drank a bottle of Powerade in about 8 seconds....lol. I thought I was too keyed up to sleep, but I crashed as as soon as I lay down.

I woke up early on Monday and damn what a "hangover" I had, and every muscle in my body felt like a tightly strung piano wire. I was on my way to the bus stop from the shed to go over Jenn's and shower when the bus surprised me and came around the corner early. I ran to meet it before he pulled off and got real dizzy and my heart started hammering and felt like it was out of sync and about to explode. I sat down on the bench and tried to catch my breath as the bus rolled past. A couple of paramedics were coming out of the RiteAid and I asked them to please check my BP, and when they did it was 184/116........not a good sign.
As it began to slowly drop, I refused to go to the ER and told them I was going to my doctor to get a new prescription, 'stat'...which I DID, after stopping at Jenn's to shower, and then getting there at 2:30 pm. and waiting until 5:30 pm. Which was fine with me because I was her next to last patient and instead of an abrupt 12-15 minutes, I got 45 minutes, and blood work and gave a urine sample, (which was so damn dark she ordered more liver tests for the blood work).
By this time my BP had fallen to 154/90 and my new scripts had been entered into the computerized order system and sent to the RiteAid. I also had her examine my side and abdomen to see the swellings and the neuropathy, and look at my legs, ankles, and feet which are swollen and 'taut', not puffy like the previous edema.

So, now...for the time being it's take the BP meds and monitor it for change, wait for the labwork to be returned......and..........lose some freakin' weight!, I put on over 20 pounds since mid May, and I feel and look like shit. I have been using food like a drug sometimes, and such is the result.

I also have a referral to see a psych doctor, and one to the substance abuse evaluator and coordinator to see about getting my bupes in a more.......conventional manner.

I went back to Jenn's and she was on the way out the door so I hung out and vegged on the recliner for a bit before heading back to the shed and going to sleep.

Today, Tuesday, I had just looked at my phone to see the time at 1:51 pm. when I saw the large plate glass window in the thrift store appear to ripple back and forth like a sheet of thin plastic. I thought it was either my tired and scratchy eyes or a heat wave off the sidewalk distorting my view. Nope...when I looked into the State Troopers Assn. building and their windows appeared to shake...and they were in deep shadow I knew something was up. Standing on the street corner with traffic rushing past, I felt nothing, but looking at signs hanging in windows jiggling and all the people running outside, I figured it was a tremor of some sort.

For some really neat earthquake info, including 'real time' reporting of quakes both country and world wide, go to;
It is amazing how many quakes are recorded and/or felt every day!

I went to the coffee shop in Mt. Washington and ate and read and visited with Abe, and later on Stewart, until close. The ride back was uneventful and after catching the #59 with no problems I am here out in front of the library after stopping in Giant for some OJ, my vitamin C intake has been too low and I can feel that too.
I called Rachel this afternoon and we chatted, and she called me back at bedtime to say goodnight. I told her we are going to the Fair one day in the next 2 weeks, (one way or another!!!...I have $40 towards what I need so far....), and she is all hyped up. I told her MAYBE we will be meeting Ed and Devin again this year if Jenn & Tom can work out scheduling as soon as I know when I'll have enough cash.

Oh...and after talking with my doctor and telling her about leaving Prologue and the papers not being filed, and having to start over again...she gave me a number and an introduction to a reliable lawyer who has helped some of her other patients.

Well, that's it for now....too much going on in my head.


P.S.......Don't get the title references......lol;
"Pressure Drop"........................."I Feel The Earth Move"

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