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Thursday, August 25, 2011

"No Sex.....But Plenty Of Drugs....A Little Rantin' And Ragin'..........And Again With The Rockin' And Rollin'?........"

Good Evening;---&--Good Morning;
Well I made it to Monkee's and now have all my meds through the end of the month of August, hopefully I will be able to get everything in sync again so that the refill dates are at least within the same week of one another.

By the time I finished talking and catching up with Monkee the person I need to see at JAI's East Baltimore offices had left for the day, (early), so I need to get back there on Friday morning.

I went to Starbucks when the bus finally arrived, late and over crowded as usual.
Okay MTA........EVERYONE and their brother knows about the #13 line's problems...hell even people who DON'T ride the damn bus are aware of them!
The route is too long and should be split, the buses are always overcrowded and either spaced very far apart or 2 empty and 1 jam packed, arriving right behind one another. Why not use the larger articulated buses, adjust the schedule to meet real time needs?.....
Why waste my time, they never listen.

After I left the coffee shop just before closing I sat in front of the library for 2 and 1/2 hours until the battery faded out, then went to the gas station and talked with Daniel about State and County Fairs here and the equivalent in Kenya, where they go all the way to the National level with their livestock, agricultural products, crafts, and even manufactured goods. A sort of fair and trade show combined.
After the laptop got a bit of a charge, well.....here I am again.....lol.

And were any of you Loyal Readers still awake at 1:07:03 am. this morning?
That wasn't the Magic Fingers Vibra-Bed you felt, and guys, sorry but that wasn't you 'rockin' her world'....it was another 4.5 'quake in Va., about 35 miles NW of Richmond, in Mineral...again.
I was walking towards the gas station from the library and did not feel a thing, but noticed the glass in the FedEx/Kinkos vibrating.

Anyway.......................nighty night.


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