Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Doors.............OR...........REO Speedwagon?" .

Good Afternoon;
Well, I'm here at the coffee shop on this bright, sunny, breezy, & humid Friday afternoon. Of course all the talk going on everywhere is focused on Hurricane Irene, when will she arrive, what sort of track will she be taking, and what kind of an impact will she have on Baltimore and the surrounding area. I'm in the shed tonight and heading over to Jenn's on Saturday at ??:??, sometime after Noon depending on when the downpour is supposed to begin. Looking at the roof of the shed yesterday morning after the early AM. thunderboomers I could see where I would be able to punch right through the remaining wood fibers and shingles. If it was reminiscent of a colander from a normal heavy rain, I don't want to imagine what a tropical storm/hurricane rated wind and rain would like.....a sieve? I was going to be staying at Jenn's Sunday night anyway to pet sit while they all spent the night at Tom's Mom's for Ed's first day of school on Monday. (Tom and Ed have already been sleeping there to get him used to it, as this is where they will be moving as soon as construction starts and is done..end of Sept. maybe.) Rachel may be coming over to spend the night with me and we will go to the State Fair from there on Monday.....of course this too depends on whether her mother will come drop her off if it is raining too hard or the power is out, or any storm damage at the Fair.

But I got off track, I'm spending Saturday night there both to avoid traveling by bus in the heavy wind and rain, and because Tom asked me to go up to his mother's early Sunday, (same caveats), to help him pack and tape boxes in the basement where they are building their separate apt. He also said something about paying me, but I did not press him about numbers though I am HOPING that it will be enough to cover the Fair expenses.

I have been searching for announcements concerning evacuations and shelters for mention of what is being done to contact, transport, and house the homeless during this hurricane. And what about those with homes but no transportation? I'll be posting links as I find them.....and as long as the laptop allows me to if the power dies. Starbucks had a planned early closing at 8:00 pm. tonight and tomorrow and Sunday anyway for more work on the renovations. I figure with the way Mt. Washington Mill closes for flooding anyway......Saturday sometime about 5:00 pm. (or earlier if the storm shifts inland just a hair)...and maybe not even opening Sunday at all. Well at least I won't have to worry about waiting on bus stops those days, or getting dripped on in the shed.
Monday is supposed to be clear and comfortable and 81 degrees, with any luck the Fair will be untouched. The largest wind obstruction, the Giant Ferris Wheel is rated at 90 mph wind resistance capability, and the whole amusement part can be packed up in 6 hours, so reducing the target area is not a problem.

I'm outta here for a while,


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