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Thursday, June 14, 2012

All For A ‘Good Story.’

Good Evening;
I've just found out that my good friends Inette & 'Iokepa were in a bad automobile accident in California, near Crescent City, while on their way to Portland, Oregon to take a break from their cross country book tour marathon promoting Inette's latest book;
"Grandmothers Whisper",
He is unhurt, 
physically, while she is/was hospitalized with broken ribs, bruised lung, concussion, and memory loss.
My thoughts  and prayers go out to them, and I know that they would also welcome the same from some of you 'loyal readers' who have met and spoken with or heard them speak.

 The 2 links below are to their website 'Huliau-Return Voyage', (the 'Ever Changing Page' section), and a newspaper story about them and the accident.

All For A ‘Good Story.’


Having been in the same situation myself, from the physical pain to the selective amnesia, I can empathize with her and share the confusion and mixed feelings of gratitude and 'why me?' that will linger after the bodily pain is long gone.

This also has caused me to stop and take a moment to reflect on my life and look at it from a different perspective....a lot to think about, and perhaps actions to take.

Gotta run now......

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I just put a call into Inette's brother to see how she is. I will keep you posted.