Friday, June 1, 2012

"Friday Facts, Files, Funnies, Findings, & Filler............."

Good Evening;
Well......I've not posted since Monday through a combination of  either not really feeling like it, feeling like it but not having either wifi or power at the same time, or beginning a post and getting sidetracked by someone or the Internet, or running around like crazy trying to locate one of my meds and just not having time.

I'm at Jenn's in Monkton monstersitting the grandkids tonight, (and last night), and just hoping that if one of the possible tornadoes forecast for the area does come through,.....being in the basement will help. I was out on the screen porch just before it got dark and just when I thought it could not possibly rain any came down in such volume and force that for a few minutes, due to the rain hitting the ground and bouncing back up 3 or 4 inches there was literally a 'carpet of water' over the back yard and the meadow that Tom had cut yesterday. It was really cool to watch.....and I'm glad it went away after the rate of fall slowed and the water was able to seep into the ground.

I was scheduled to be leaving right in the middle of the tornado warnings, watches, and alerts, and the period of the heaviest rainfall as the largest storm cells passed over. I told Jenn what she'd be driving through.....annnnd I'll be leaving in the
I'm glad I'm not in the shed, but I don't look forward to seeing the mess if as much rain hit Pikesville as did here.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to find a couple 'bupes' to carry me through until Saturday when my refill is available, and had no luck at all. I was eventually able to get a substitute in a low enough dosage that it would both act on my back pain and stave off withdrawal symptoms without dragging me back into 'addiction' as opposed to a bodily 'dependence', it may sound the same but there is a major (and life threatening) difference.

It has been a stressful week as regards the health (physical and mental) and well being of people I care about.
Rachel's mother was back in the hospital for a week with complication's from the surgery he had this past winter. 
Jenn had a sonogram today and needs more surgery on her breast to remove what, hopefully, is only a sebaceous cyst and more infection where she had the surgery last month.
Tom's uncle died, and I'll be back here Sunday evening so I can watch the kids on Monday, the day of the funeral.
Monkee tore ligaments in her knee somehow, and it took a week to get the tests needed to diagnose it.....(great healthcare plan, Hopkins!!)
Monday night, only a minute after I left the Starbucks, (and I had went back in to grab a straw for Jenn who was giving me a lift back to the shed!), the two guys working that night were robbed at gunpoint by 2 masked gunmen who forced their way in.
Even though it is not me directly being affected by these events, the 'collateral damage' has engulfed me to a certain extent.

It was a rough week as far as food and money went, with a couple dumpster diving  expeditions into the depths of the "Dunkin' Dumpster" and some very creative sale/clearance/coupon combination shopping to stretch $7.38 a looooong way.

That's  all I'm feeling like writing for now, so....


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