Friday, June 8, 2012

"Cash Crisis................."

Good Evening;
So...I'm back here in Mt. Washington packing up to head over to the bus and "home" to Pikesville and the shed. We stopped at the Giant in Hunt Valley on the way to the train and Jenn and the grandmonsters and I cruised through the store and put together a care package of bread, Pop Tarts, Pringles, some half off single serve vacuum packs of lunch meat, (which I was able to put in the 'fridge at the coffee shop thanks to Kinsey), a box off the day old bakery shelf with various pastries, and a few other items.

 I earned it this visit, dealing with 3 different litter boxes and washing some clothes and towels for Jenn, and also ending up with a case of the sh*ts after touching something in the m-i-l's side of the 'fridge.....!

I need to find $100.00 by Sunday and it looks like I'm hitting the corner again with my sign, I've exhausted every other possibility at the moment other than criminal means,
.....(and if I ever go back down that dark and deadly street again,
it's gonna be "go big or go home"! no nickel and diming!).......
and I need to get meds or get ill, and deal with last months debt.

Closing time, gotta run,


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