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Friday, June 29, 2012

"Theatre Of The Absurd........M.I.A. Meds........Heat Stroke Express.........Rag Bag ..........& Pledge Drive.................Et al........"

Good Morning;

Well...and yet another sleepless night behind the library. At least I got to listen to some free entertainment as what I think was the same local part-time homeless drunk crackhead golf caddy got into arguments/screaming matches with what appeared to be 2 and possibly 3 different people just across Reisterstown Rd.but screened by some evergreen trees, or just out of sight between the buildings.
One of the combatants was a woman and their debate content was typical alcohol fueled, slurred, white trash recriminations of escalating viciousness and crudity as each tried to counter then top the other's accusations of and 'caught in the act' descriptions of various incidences of cheating, lying and stealing.
When "Mary" left the stage, either stumbling away or passing out behind a dumpster, the 20-something junkie Russian kid I mentioned a week or so ago, who just got out of jail, must have been passing by. They had been staying at the house, (with no electricity) of Bruce, a local version of the 'town drunk' about this time last year and the junkie stole the caddy's
 BlackBerry and sold it for dope. I knew this because at different times on the bus the junkie boasted about it and the drunkie ranted about it. And tonight the phrase "YOU STOLE MY F*CKIN' BLACKBERRY" was repeated 35 times or so at full volume. After this extended exchange of deep philosophical ideas wound down everything was silent for a while then a bout of yelling muted by distance or architecture carried over between passing cars and I thought I heard broken English and both good and bad Spanish.
Things got so heated a couple times and must have ended up in the street or teetering on the curb, because car horns and squealing brakes sounded.
I was ready to slip around the corner to the payphone and call 911 anonymously a few times, but things have been quiet for the past hour an a half.

I'm surprised Barry is not sleeping on the sidewalk around the corner tonight, he's been there most night's in the past couple weeks. I wish I could find a safe and secure place "under the stars" to camp out that is near here on nights when the shed is in "sauna or steam bath mode", it's been 3 nights since I slept more than 30 minutes straight, and I'm exhausted....but...:(

Unless I can find a few bupes in the morning, or a substitute that qualifies, I'm not going to Jenn's tomorrow, because there is no way I am going to deal with the kids, the heat, and the m-i-l while worrying about and dealing with my bodies entering into withdrawal symptoms!
I am not a happy camper tonight!

So....after getting out of the shed by 8:30 am because of the heat, hitting the Giant to make up the last of my coffee and try to take the best 'whore's bath' I could in a public restroom, that was not a single person type, and without a locking door, I went and sat....here, by coincidence.
I heated up the cell phone trying to find SOMEONE who knew somone wi.t with access to bupes, with zero results.

{Monkee may have something that will be acceptable, I'm to call her early....which will be no problem....not going into a coma on the train/bus own there may be........lol.}

After the Sun devoured all the shade I went inside the library for a couple hours, then I took the bus to the subway to Cultural Center stop and went to the City Paper offices to see Evan.
He told me that all the feedback on the column had been overwhelming positive, and broached the idea of running it every 2 weeks! 
What a hoot!
He gave me a $20.00 until I can get the payroll info all set up, as they pay by check only. $5.00 of that was for bus fare and some fruit juices, and the rest is for Monkee.....I hope!

After that I got back on the Metro went to the Cold Spring La.and took the bus to JAI to see about my prescriptions being refilled. I did not get to see my doctor, other than a wave through the glass partition...(it's a 'hood clinic, with armed guard in the waiting room), but the receptionist grabbed her between patients in my sight an pointed to me and she, the Doc, was supposed to call in to the RiteAid directly for me.
I'll find out in the morning, or in a few hours I should say...
I get to go back there on Thursday at 4:00 pm. for the scheduled appointment next week on the 5th of July, and I'll bring up all the lovely issues mentioned previously....oh lucky me.

After that I took the bus to the Light Rail to Mt. Washington to the Starbucks, then the Light Rail to Cultural Center, again, to the Metro to Old Court station and the bus to here.
And most of this multi-vehicle, multiple-mode, mass-transit odyssey was during the heat of the day and required a fair bit of walking carrying my rapidly deteriorating sport type bag with the laptop, TV, cords and chargers, changes of clothes, meds, toiletries, paperwork...etc.
(Everything is falling apart or wearing out right now, bag, shoes, shorts, jeans, tee shirts,.....I need everything BUT socks an underwear! )                                              
(anyone with an unused ballistic nylon sports/military style medium large-large size shoulder bag, the type with 3 or 4 zippered pouches on the outside that's not too beat up and taking up space who wants to donate it, I'd be grateful.)

And as all the "Loyal Readers" know I rarely if ever, straight up, outright, petition for money on this blog, oh I make my financial situation known alright, but I don't usually make a plea for cash unless it is in a semi-serious,  or ironic, or humorous way, not really expecting a response.....

(Except when it came to wanting to do or needing something for Rachel!)
(Then I asked for real, and some of you graciously helped out...thank you)
Wellllll, it's looking like a long, hard, hot, flat f*cking broke summer, and I'm asking and accepting anything anyone may have the urge or desire to give!
That's it,..no more,...& if you feel so inclined as to throw something my way,
send me an e-mail, and we'll work it out, just put "HomeLessCide" in the subject box unless we've already been in touch, because if not, you'll end up in  my junk mail folder...unopened.

I'm too tired to type anymore,

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