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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Idle Speed..........."

Good Evening;
Well.....Sunday was non-eventful, Coffee shop then watched TV out behind the library until after Midnight. I also wrote and e-mailed that short piece of writing to my editor friend for critique...I feel it started well, but lost the flow half way through, and I just couldn't get it back. We'll see...

Monday I spent the afternoon and evening at Rachel's (her mom's), just hanging out. We had dinner and took a walk and read books, a nice low key day.

Today I was up and out early because the shed was heating up.
The MTA was messed up and I spent 2 hours getting here to Starbucks.
Another nothing to talk about day.
Or at least nothing I WANT to talk about yet.......things are pretty f*cked up to tell you the truth.
Too much to deal with now....it's closing time, more from Jenn's tomorrow night. I'm going up there to watch the kids while she recuperates from another surgery.


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