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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Another Extended Visit To....East Bumfu---......Errrr,.....Monkton............"

Good Afternoon;

Well...Saturday night back in the shed, Sunday afternoon in Mt. Washington, and then the train to Timonium where Tom & Ed picked me up and we went back up to Monkton and Jenn's house to watch the grandkids.
Sunday & Monday day and night here on the recliner, and tonight is still up in the air. Missed being on the road or in the shed during the  thunderstorms, which is a good thing....but the humidity and the low pressure have been no fun.
Everyone here is either in physical pain, sick, in a crappy mood.....or a combination of the above.
Jenn has a migraine, (I have had one in my life an never want to experience another ever again......she is frequently immobilized by them), the kids are bratty, Tom.....well, Tom is --- "Tom", and I'm trying to find a way to deal with the ache in my joints and the neuropathy in my left side without using up my limited supply of bupes. Tempers are short, to say the least.

Oookay.....was just asked if I could stay here and watch the animals, (5 cats and a dog), while Jenn and family (NOT the m-i-l!!!) go to Dover, Delaware to visit my mother, from Wednesday to late Friday, so I'd be here 'til Saturday morning....Hmmmmm?

Oh, WTF!, why not!?

 off the street,
satellite TV
place to cook the above

no way to leave other than a 10 mile walk
satellite TV, (as in - 'NOT cable'....lol)
no reserve on meds, exact to the last dose
won't gt to SSA or DSS 'til next week
(but won't really make a difference, 
not going to be corrected 'til July, if I'm lucky)
So....guess I may as well stay.

This keyboard is pissing me off with the damn


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