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Monday, June 4, 2012

"Just Checking In................"

Good Evening;
Well this is the 2nd night at Jenn's watching the grandmonsters. Today was the funeral for Tom's uncle, somewhere
 in Pa., about an hour North of Harrisburg, I think. Tomorrow morning Jenn has to meet with the surgeon, because she is again going under the knife the end of June. The sonogram found something last week that needs to be removed.
I'll be back in town Tuesday afternoon and back in the shed that night.

Wednesday morning I have to go to D.S.S. to try to see wtf happened to my benefits this month, then Jenn is picking me up after Devin's speech therapy and I'll be back up here for monstersitting duty early Thursday am.

I gotta go now, this damn keyboard and the freakin' runaway "eeee" issue is a pain in the ass and I'm not in the mood tonight for the bullshit!


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