Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Hot And Cold Running Sleepy Time W(h)ine......................"

Good Evening;

Well the weather has me in a much better mood. Although I HATE the cold with a burning (freezing?...lol) passion, in some respects it is better than this freakin' record setting heat and humidity the past couple of summers.

For one thing, once I am able to get in the shed, in the sleeping bag and warmed up, I can pretty much stay there until bodily functions give me an ultimatum. Hours....days if needs be, with quick runs to the 'collection bottle', or the Giant or gas station if it's the 'other' end.
When it's hot as hell I can't even get in and lay own if I am exhausted without dealing with sauna or steam bath like heat when the temperatures hit 85 degrees or better, and the morning sun can heat up the interior by 7:00 am. on those "gonna break 90 degrees days". When I have a fan, and I'm down to the 'D-cell' eating battery powered one now that there is no electricity in the adjacent office bldg., I can at least get some air moving across the sweat to convince me I'm getting cooled off.

The hot nights I have not been at Jenn's this summer have been spent either in front of or behind the library, reading or watching TV on the portable, some times until 3:00 am. when I HAVE to lay down, for purely physical reasons, sleepy or not, sauna or not. I just can't feel safe out in the open like Barry who sleeps by the payphone under the slight over hag on the side of the library or the 'angry dude' who sleeps on the bench by Reisterstown Rd.

Oh damn.....closing time already?!


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