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Saturday, June 9, 2012

"A Visit From Faerie & A Real Life 'Escape From Witch Mountain' !!!............"

Good Afternoon;

Well....the "$20.00 Dollar Bill Fairy" graced me with his?/her?/it's presence last night, which enabled me to get meds for the next 8 days.

I was in the Giant on the way back from the restroom and about to hit the shed when a woman, your stereotypical 'little old lady' asked me if I would help her by reaching the milk on the top shelf in the cooler. I grabbed that and asked her if there was anything else high up she needed while I was there. I ended up wandering the store with her and helping her and listening to her as she told me stories of hiding from the Nazis, then being betrayed by the people she trusted for money, [and then watching the Germans execute them for hiding her and throwing the money on the bodies....(which she saw was still there days later when she was being taken away in a truck to the concentration camp...no one in the neighborhood would go near it)...].
She told me how she escaped from the train carrying her to Poland and an extermination camp, spent 6 months getting to the Baltic sea and stowing away on a boat to Sweden*, eventually reaching the U.S. via Ireland*, Spain*, Portugal*, and Canada. {Nominally Neutral Countries}
It was an enlightening evening....to say the least!,
And an incredible and moving story.
(More so when one stops to consider that R-D.,
[she asked that I only use her first name(s)...], 
was barely a teenager at the time.)
It's a shame she is only here visiting her daughter and leaving soon, she had me in stitches at times, and talk about raunchy!.....I blushed and she cracked up. It was more fun than the last date I went on!
(In the dark and distant past.....and the sex was better!)
{Okay...that was a joke, obviously we did not have sex, which was STILL better than the sex I DID have on that long ago date.......LOL!! }

I ended up walking her to her car and stowing the groceries for her and walked back into the Giant to get my bags and fill my water bottle. When I reached to pull my bags out from where I stash them while in the store I see a folded piece of paper in the food bag, and when I open it up.....a Twenty falls out!
I know the woman I was with id not put it there, because we did not go by that area, and none of the employees working the front of the store neither saw anyone by the bags, nor admitted to placing it there themselves.
I didn't press the matter, because I was tickled as hell to get money for meds, and if the person wishes to be anonymous.....well,
THAT was one of the original reasons I started this blog, to thank the faceless and anonymous folks who wish their generosity to be low key and without the hoopla and fanfare some people need to feed their egos if they give anything to anyone.


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