Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Hanging Paper........Or..........Back To The Mother Medium..................."

Good Afternoon;
 Well I picked up the latest copy of the Baltimore City Paper today,
 (June 27-July 4), and was pleasantly surprised to find that on page 5 I was
the author of a column called, (what "HOMELESSCIDE"...(let's be truthful, I'm freakin'!).
The surprise was that it was appearing so soon, I had some back and forth with Evan, the editor, last week, with the last contact on Monday of this week. I was expecting 2 more weeks, maybe next week at the earliest, so this is really cool.

It was extremely hard trying to write to fit a 500 word or so limit. As you know loyal reader the blog is basically stream of consciousness with much tangential 'scenic drive' detours. I eventually gave him about 1,200 words on the first night homeless with a quick rundown of most of the different places I've stayed in the intervening years, and my blessings on him to blue pencil it as he thought fit, trying to keep my 'voice' intact.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out and now that I have a 'visual' on what he's looking for, in way of 'brevity' vs. detail, I think it will be easier.
I think it is going into a 3-4 week rotation with other current columns.
Here is a link for you to use to form your own opinion:

And the wild thing is.....I'm getting paid to o this!!
Whooo-hoo....THAT'S A FIRST!
From poems in free publications, to a self published book of poetry, to the blog, (and the 2 magazine articles and the TV story on it and me in 2010), to an actual PAID column....who'd a thunk it?


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