Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Out Of The Woods..............."

Good Morning;
 So...Jenn, Tom & the grandmonsters are home from Dover, Del. where they were visiting my mother. It's back own to Baltimore tomorrow around Noon. Another one night visit that turned into a week.
I think I'll be back here sometime next week when Jenn goes in for surgery, but not sure of the details yet.

I've got to put together a piece of writing, about 500 words or so, as a sort of 'test specimen' or sample for a friend who just took over the reins of a local weekly paper. A sort of observation & commentary type thing similar to the better quality posts that sometime grace your screen here at our little blog. If it's what they're looking for...(cross fingers, rub rabbit's foot, knock wood or perform other appropriate good luck superstition could be paid for it too....sshhhh, not too loud, don't wanna jinx it)!

I'm going to go and wash a last load of clothes and shower now, to help avoid gridlock here in the morning at the 'bathroom bottleneck'.


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