Tuesday, January 3, 2012

" Button Up Your Overcoat...Baby It's Cold Outside!................."

Good Evening;
Dear diary: today was a good day!
 ( -Except, of course, for the fact that, -COLD WEATHER SUCKS!- ),
A possibility of employment, a good deed done..and immediate reward, 
a debt settled, a full supply of meds, a random, chance meeting of an old friend, 
and getting a text from the woman I love....(just as I am typing a text to her)...and then spending the evening with her deep in coffee and conversation.

Now out the door to face this stupid cold front once again, (it was snowing with the damn Sun shining through today, how crazy is that?), and the so, so reliable MTA.
I think tonight it's straight in the bag with the still warm pants and sweat shirt on.
I know I'll be washing clothes Thursday night, I'll make do with air freshener sprayed clothing if push comes to shove.


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