Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Plop Plop Fizz Fizz!.....Or.....How Do You Spell Relief........""

Good Afternoon;

Well...I spent from Monday afternoon to this morning at Jenn's in Monkton and other than the insomnia that comes with this stage of the depressive cycle, (which was augmented by the damn 'Mama Cat' entering the extremely vocal and demonstrative..."Hey Big Boy..Do Me...Do Me NOW!..And Bring Your Friends....All Of Them!!!!!!!!!".... stage of her 'heat' [or 'estrus' for all you technically correct types]...), nothing major is new.
Except for coming to realize that even though I (like a gazillion other folks) suffer from acid reflux and indigestion, (which due to dietary factors is a very common issue with the homeless), which is treated quite successfully in most instances with the prescription 'Ranitidine' and OTC store brand 'Tums', the 'sour stomach'/'rotten egg'/'sulfuric acid' taste almost only occurs when I've been at Jenn's, (the new place, the basement apartment in her M-I-L's house) for a couple days. After examining and pretty much eliminating the differences in diet I went searching medical info sites and the common thread running through them is stress and tension, even 'second hand stress' from other's problems, or tension related to trying to 'stay neutral' when 2 or 3 sides all want you to agree with them.....(especially when you want to
tell 'em all off!!).
Just gotta bite down on the stick and remember the hot showers and washing machine and dryer!


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