Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Choke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............. AKA .................. Death In New England ................. & ...................... Slip Slidin' Away ............."

Good Evening; stomach hurts from cramps and nervous tension, my throat hurts, and I damn near passed out holding my breath. It all would be worth it if Billy Cundiff hadn't 'royally' "screwed the pooch"......a freakin' 32 yard field goal!!!!!!!
I feel like I was the damn football!!

You'll excuse me while I go wallow in my own misery for a while........
But it WAS one exciting game to watch!
Nothing else to mention today, other than the idiot who cussed me out when I was crossing Reisterstown Road and  he was about to make an illegal left turn and cut through the ice covered skating rink of a parking lot next to the shed, as I was on the way to the bus stop. I told him that the gentle 20 degree slope was deceiving and that the ice was solid all the way to the asphalt and his tires would NOT crack through and give him any traction at all.

He told me to 'mine yo own f*ckin' bidness' and hit the gas and spun out across 2 lanes of traffic nearly hitting a bus.....then he hit the!
He slid down hill revving the engine and spinning his wheels uselessly, picking up speed and barely missing the shed and the fence, then slipped through the gap into the other parking lot perpendicular to the first one and at even a gentler angle. He missed the brick wall and fence in front of it and he not only continued his downhill slide, but added the angular momentum of a clockwise spin.....ending up hitting the high curb at the bottom of the lot broadside with his (no longer) shiny 24 inch spoked mags and low profile high pressure tires and the bottom edge of the door and front and rear fender panels....with juuuust enough speed and force to scuff, scrape, dent, and scratch all the above mentioned items. And the more he uselessly hit the gas and spun the rear wheels, the more the passenger side rear drive wheel and tire ground against the cement curb, shedding rubber and aluminum like a stripper at a frat party sheds her clothes.
And he still couldn't move!

When the bus passed by 15 minutes later I saw  a tow truck up on the cleared pavement of the side street, and the operator unreeling 30 plus yards of cable and sliding/walking down to the car with it plus hooks and slings. At this point I lost sight and can only speculate that the car got winched up off the lot and onto dry/clear roadway.

Jerk was too cool to listen to reason......oh well!


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