Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"No....That's NOT Fairy Dust!...................."

Good Evening;

Well, just a slow and uneventful day today. I'm just waiting on phone callbacks to schedule doctors appointments.

It was dry when I left the shed, but raining when I came out of the Giant, and alternating between light to moderate rain and mist all day and night, with any luck it will all be over before the leaks overwhelm my drainage setup.

Oh, happy occurrence, last night the root and sharp visible chunk of the broken upper right 1st molar broken at the gum line that would sometimes collect a seed or shard of hard food  recently became loose, (and which I thought may need immediate extraction before things became infected very soon), and when I was trying to feel around with my fingers to get and idea of how loose it was within the gumline......suddenly cracked into 2 (nasty blackened rotten) pieces which I was able to work out with my tongue! 
OH! the sense of release and relief was wonderful, especially after a half dozen saline rinses and some Listerine analog mouthwash...there  must have been a seed in between the broken pieces and the tooth socket, along with some nasty 'shmutz', because the pain AND the pressure is gone. 
I was just about to call Chase-Brexton to see about an urgent care appointment, (as opposed to examination or's middle ground).... now I can just set up an evaluation for the upper front central and lateral incisors to see if I qualify for their services for a root canal. Not like I really want to, but with my weakened immune system and the increased chance of an infected tooth as they chip away.....well, I just watched an acquaintance who I see on the street a few times a week wait too long to attend to a minor infection. After weeks of intensifying agony she went to the ER crying one night and ended up having part of her jaw shaved away where the infection invaded the bone.
Yeahhhhh...........woke my ass up! An infected wisdom tooth 30 -some years ago still resonates in my mind.

I put it under my pillow, both pieces, and I woke up to find two Confederate dollars, a Chuck E. Cheese token, and a $100,000,000,000,000 [100 TRILLION! dollar ] Zimbabweian bill.....(worth less than $5.00 US.....),...a pile of fairy vomit.

Oh well...I jinxed's "rainin' like a bitch" as a customer just said as he came in spraying water everywhere as he shook his umbrella


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