Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Return To Sender................."

Good Morning;
Well.....I just finished meeting with the owner of the contracting company whose notepad filled with measurements, specifications, etc. I found Friday night. It seems he had been looking at the office building to which the shed is attached and may be submitting a proposal to the owners also.
We sat in his car and talked for a bit and did the usual 'How & Why' thing about being on the street. 
He mentioned that after reading my E-mail informing him that I had found his paperwork he had showed it to his wife, who is also a partner in the company.
He brought up the possibility of having me do some writing of the formal proposals and/or estimates to be given to the prospective clients/homeowners on jobs he is bidding for. I would be taking his raw data and calculations and estimates and using standard formats, turning it into completed bids, proposals, invoices and work orders, etc.
He said that he and his wife would like to sit down and talk with me about this,   (and so she could also take a look-see and get a 'feel' from her first impression), over coffee somewhere neutral, before making any further commitment. Which is fine because I've worked for husband and wife bosses before....and sometimes it is NOT a good thing.
Since this would be a writing job, a few hours a day, a few days a week, and the (possible) offer was based only on the E-mail I wrote, I gave him the address to our little blog here so he could see more examples of my 'deathless prose', "words that will live forever, adrift in the ether of the internet!" .....lol

He told me he'd be in contact, by E-mail or phone, sometime soon, and as I was getting out of his car, (I ran down from the library to the Giant to meet him), he handed me a $20.00 and his thanks. 
I guess that that last impulse to 'do the right thing', and the little bit of extra effort that really was no effort at all, in the waning minutes of the last hour, of the last day of the old year paid off in more ways than one.
Even if nothing comes of the possible job, and not counting the cash, which was a bonus, the satisfaction of being able to help someone, to make their life just a bit less worrisome, made it all worthwhile.


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