Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Don't Know Why Mom's Always Harp About Clean Underwear ...........They're Gonna Get Soiled If You Get Hit By A Car Anyway!........Nobody's Gonna Know The Difference!......................."

Good Evening;
So....spent from Monday Noon until about Wednesday Noon at Jenn's place in the basement apartment that was built in her mother-in-law's house in Monkton. For various reasons including but not limited to; inability to sleep, being the middle man in interfamilial tensions, and a 'days away from being 7 years old' grandson with a teenage attitude problem having difficulties in First grade, to increased gallbladder and related upper back pain and the usual lower back issues and now similar (but from a different cause....I'm hoping and praying) joint pain to what my son-in-law is suffering from, (and which at times is nearly debilitating to him). We both carry the same chronic disease that has an influence on this, but he is undergoing tests to determine if Lyme disease may be the culprit in his case. I have never shown the certain distinctive symptoms that identify having been exposed to that for sure, nor other symptoms common to other causes also to the same extreme as he has....but I am going to discuss having the bloodwork done to check and be sure.

I did get to shower, wash clothes, and get to Walmart to buy some 'undies'
Actually we stopped at Walmart on Monday and I made the mistake of shopping by price not value. When I got to Jenn's and opened the Fruit Of The Loom's I found that they were the thickness, strength, and texture of thin cheesescloth! Today on the way back here I stopped to return them and spend the extra $2.64 for Hanes, which though they are the white ones...(7@$11.97 vs. 5@$15.97 for the colored, which seem to be slightly thicker....but gotta cut some corners!)...are about 3 times as thick as the returned ones!

Jenn dropped me off at Rachel's mother's apartment on her way to take Devin to speech therapy and I spent a couple hours there. She made Chocolate Raspberry ice cream and I tasted the 'Bacon ice cream'...yes Bacon... from the weekend. Pretty damn tasty!........both of them! Yeah I know 60 degrees yesterday and I get ice cream on a day it did not break 40 of my life!

That's it for now, it hurts to laugh and try to be amusing with this throbbing pain between my shoulder blades that intrudes on my thoughts. From past experience I know this is from either (or both) the gallbladder and/or the Hepatitis B/C, and the most effective treatment of the symptoms is contraindicated in my case....increased dosages of opiate/opioid painkillers.
NOT going there! 
The 'bupe' had been keeping it at a bearable/manageable level for years, but something has/is changed/changing.....which is why I'm seeing the surgeon again to find out if the gallbladder is a candidate for removal at this time....balancing other previously negating factors against current changes.

Anyway, time to pack up. I want to be sure to get to the bus stop early tonight to catch the's toooo damn cold out there to stand around!

I have not forgotten about my 'under the bridge' story!


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