Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Sunday...................Funday Or Gunday................""

Good Evening;'s Sunday again.
 Nowhere to go, nothing to be done, no money anyway, so no reason to get up and out early. Just as well because I needed the rest, I'm starting to come down with a chest and head cold, and between the phlegm factory in my lungs, and the constant, persistent throbbing headache that won't go away, and sinuses that feel like a hot water heater with the safety valve welded shut.......

.....even with heavy duty meds, I'm not feeling sociable.

It has always been the least favorite day.
When the time comes to check out, it's a 99 & 44/100 % chance that it's gonna be a Sunday.
But not this one, for better or for worse.....

Last night as I was crossing Kelley Ave. on the bridge to get to the bus stop a car stops and backs up and a woman gets out and asks if I wanted or needed a ride. I recognized her as the female half of a married couple who were in the Starbucks with their friend Joetta, who is a head cashier/shift manager/front end manager (??? not sure what the proper designation for the job is) at the Pikesville Giant. She was in the car with them headed home and asked them to stop and inquire. Well that was a very nice gesture and I gratefully took advantage of it, saving myself 2 bus routes and an hour or more of travel time back to the Giant. I knew Joetta had known me by sight but not that she knew my name, which was a pleasant surprise and a counter to the paranoia/inferiority complex that accompanies this damn depression during some episodes.
(And not having heard back from the Psychiatric Dept. at Sinai yet has not helped to dispel it....gotta call back tomorrow....[and just trying to make phone contact brings on the anxiety.....face to face is hard enough, but for some reason, for me, the phone is hell....which is weird because one would think that the wall of invisibility and anonymity the phone allows would make it easier...damn, even my f*ckeduppedness is f*uckedup, lol..{ouch}....]....)

Anyway I was in the shed by 9:45 pm. and watching a little TV and reading a book, (I brought the lantern with me to charge here yesterday), or just sitting in the dark all bundled in the quilt, kinda spacing out, in between the shows I wanted to watch to save the battery.

I woke up out of some bizarre dreams once I lay down to sleep about Midnight, on the average of every 3 hours from 3:00 Noon. According to the forehead thermometer strip I have, I've been running a slight fever, around 100-101 degrees, which may explain the dreams and extremely dry mouth. I have to see if I have any OTC meds left beside the Ibuprofen, I think there are 2 NyQuil geltabs in my medicine bag....which will allow me to fight the cold symptoms early....but may produce even more twisted
Yeeaaaahhh, I'm not even going to hint at the subject matter, they were THAT freaky....even for ME!!!!

That's it I don't want to write anymore,
the line between 'goofy' and 'insanity' is getting!


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