Friday, January 13, 2012

" So What Did I Ever Do To You To Deserve This....Montezuma?...............&.......CWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........."

Good Morning;
Well I'm here at the library and have been since about 9:30 am. because of a need to stay within range of a bathroom, and at the same time stay warm. Why....because # 1 Montezuma's Revenge is back with a venegance and #2.....


When I went in the shed about 11:30 pm. last night I was laying on top of the sleeping bag watching TV in my sweats...when I got up at 3:00 am. and ran (literally) over to the gas station it was a mix of rain and sleet and about 38 trip at 6:00 am. it was windy and 32 7:00 am. when I hauled ass over to the Giant it was windier and 30 degrees,....and when I got dressed and went back to the Giant and then over here it was still 30 degrees and windy.

I don't know what I ate or whatever it was to set this bout of intestinal nastiness in motion, but it is no damn fun! It has not yet reached the stage of misery that last weekend's episode did, and I'm praying it will not, (cross my fingers/knock wood). I am hoping the worst is over now because tonight is the booksigning of "Grandmothers Whisper" by Inette Miller 'Imaikalani and the talk by 'Iokepa 'Imaikalani on the history and subjugation and suppression of the Native Hawaiian people, at Breathe Books in Hampden tonight...

(details to follow soon...I'm out of time here)


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