Friday, January 20, 2012

"Ships That Pass In The Night, And Speak Each Other In Passing, Only A Signal Shown And A Distant Voice In The Darkness; So On The Ocean Of Life We Pass And Speak One Another, Only A Look And A Voice, Then Darkness Again And A Silence......"

Good Evening;
Well it was warmer last night at 11:30 pm. and at 5:00 am. this morning than at 9:00 am. this morning, and it's been been getting colder all day and night.Hopefully the projected rain/sleet/snow event slated to begin around 9:00 pm. tonight and ending about dawn will be of minimal effect. Personally, I'd prefer frozen precip....less leakage into the shed, and I've been staying plenty warm enough.

I had 2 different strangers state that they recognized me today, one bus driver, from the Fox45 WBFF segment, and a woman named Susan who I sat next to in the Starbucks and had quite an interesting and pleasant conversation with.

Today was pretty much an exercise in self imposed isolation, (except for the above mentioned conversation). I dropped off scripts at RiteAid, stopped at Giant for coffee and picked up 4 boxes of biscotti for $0.33 @, or 90% off the $3.29 retail price, and caught the bus to the coffee shop before Noon, where I ensconced myself in the corner in the back....and where I still remain. Part of the reason for the self imposed exile is the typical 
'unsociable/anti-social/asocial' reaction...
...(in increasing order of magnitude vis-a-vis the annoying persistence of people who don't comprehend the phrase; "I really don't feel like company or talking to anyone right now please" )... 
... to this phase of cyclical clinical depression.
 Plus the mixed feelings and conflicting emotions involved in being truly happy for two different women who have finally found love, and in one case an unexpected but welcomed pregnancy, while feeling the interrelated sadness and loss for lost opportunities.
C'est L'Amour - C'est La Vie - C'est La Morte
Just another cycle around the wheel...
Om Mane Padme Om.....   ^!^


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