Monday, January 30, 2012

"Is It Feed A Cold/Starve A Fever?.....Or The Other Way Around?........Doesn't Really Matter On The Patented No Frills HomeLessCide Diet Plan!................................."

Good Evening;
So...wasn't that an awesome video in the previous post?
Mythbusters are 'da bomb'....literally!!

Well the good old common cold is doing it's typical mutation and commute, from head to chest and back again, at the moment I'm coughing up tasty little tidbits of lung, and earlier I was sneezing out what looked and felt like bright green, glow in the dark, radioactive, sinus gunk, mixed with the occasional bit of eyeball and brain.
In other words your basic garden variety sinus infection with a side order of pre-pneumonia congestion thrown in just for sh*ts & giggles.
Just got an e-mail from Jenn telling me she's not coming in town tonight and that we should meet in Hunt Valley at the Light Rail Terminus tomorrow afternoon, because as she put it...
"it feels like mutant-thumbed, jackhammer-wielding, zombie woodpeckers from hell are inside my skull"
I can relate!!

Tomorrow night I'm staying over at their place in Monkton because I'm watching the grandmonsters on Wednesday morning while she goes with Tom to a doctor's appt.
Showers & laundry & a hot meal, plus some time with the Direct TV.

Damn I just remembered.....I totally forgot to call the shrinks office today!
I better write it on my wrist tonight before I leave here.....just in!

I'm dead, flat broke right now, cash, Foodstamps, even my multitude of Starbucks cards have all been raided and combined for the dollar or less balances in the past couple days for that 'starter' cup of coffee....still have some of the Folgers instant left for the daily Giant cup though.
I've been living on a smoked ham that I got on Friday morning at the Giant all weekend, and while it was and is...(one big slice left for tonight or tomorrow morning)...I'm getting real tired of!
It was a quarter of one of those smoked 'football hams', (so called because they are about the size and shape of one)..that was on sale and $2.00 off, so it cost me $1.25 for 3 pounds. And between the cold temps in the shed being smoked and cured it would and did stay edible.
That, the day old rack and the scratch and dent rack at Giant, and the Dunkin' Dumpster have kept me in comestibles this weekend.

I'm hoping for a bag of bagels later tonight for breakfast tomorrow. Then Jenn's pantry on Tuesday and Wednesday, and back to normal....HA!....on Thursday. Which also means reupping on some of my meds too.

I am hoping to get some cash on Thursday, but if not......well stamps on the 7th and in between.....the delightfully humbling uncertainty of not knowing who/what/where/how/when the 'food gods' will provide sustenance.

Anyway, my eyes are tired from looking at this screen, and feel like they are bleeding acid and ground glass, so......


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