Monday, January 9, 2012

"Just Like Yogi Berra Said.........................."

Good Evening;
Well methinks I spoke too soon...had to make emergency runs to both the gas station and the Giant at about 3:00 am. and 7:00 am. and slept both little and poorly.
And things are not all peaches and cream again at 8:20 pm. either. Luckily Jenn is bringing some clothes I left there that she washed for me.

So since I was already up I went past the library and dropped books in the after hours slot and then jumped on the bus to the train and headed over to East Baltimore to grab meds and then to try to stop in at JAI's Moument St. location but could not even get in the waiting room.

I then went to the First Mariner Arena to pick up the tickets to Disney On Ice that are the rest of Rachel's Chanukkah gift, then here to the coffee shop.
My day was brightened by orders of magnitude when Michelle walked in and came over and surprised me with a big hug. We spent a couple hours alternating both conversation and comfortable silence as we both had some tasks to do on our laptops.

Now I have to pack up and rn over and get my stuff from Jenn across the street and head on up to the bus stop.
After last nights fiasco of waiting nearly an hour and a half on the stop with the folks from Whole Foods in which no buses came by, (3 were supposed to), then having two show up at once, and missing all my connections, then having to wait 20 minutes on the bus at Old Ct. Station while the driver talked to another passenger about all kinds of crazy 'Jesus mumbo jumbo' to the point that the MTA police came over to write him up.....well I don't trust the schedules or the drivers at all.

it ain't over 'til it's over
gotta run

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