Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Fresh Frozen Fingers.........."

Good Afternoon;
So...last night and this morning it was freakin' cold!
Once I got into the bag and it warmed up from body heat I was wonderfully toasty, but this morning getting dressed, rolling and storing the bag and the quilt, changing into my jeans, and especially handling the chain and lock caused my hands and fingers to hurt so bad I screamed...literally! I ran over to the Giant for warm air, hot coffee, and warm water to bring my hands out of the first stages of frostbite. I had to wait for the coffee because I could not control my fingers enough to pull 2 $1.00 bills out of my wallet to put in the coffee machine, or even pick up and hold, much less tear open the sugar packets.

Raynauds Disease, it may be colorful as can be, but it's no damn fun!
(Though one of the meds used to treat it is Viagra......great, just what I need!
It would be like an atheist's funeral...'All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go')

But eventually my hands and fingers returned to normal, though chapped and cracked, which actually is pretty normal for me this time of year anyway....lol.
I can't imagine doing the work I used to do in either the fish market, icing and unloading near frozen seafood, or delivering newspapers at 4:00 am. on a winter morning.

I'm back here at the library after the meeting described in the previous post and about to head out to the bus and over to East Baltimore both to see Monkee and pick up meds. then stopping at the coffee shop to eat the food I got at 10:00 am.
It will be about 4:00 pm. when I get a chance to finally sit down and eat breakfast.
Which is fine because my internal clock's schedule is so out of whack anyway....lol!


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