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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Put THIS In Your Pipe And Smoke It!............."

Good Evening;
Well I went ahead and changed into the sleep sweatpants I left in the shed last night before bedtime anyway, quite an eyeopener......lol, though not as much of one as putting on the jeans this morning that I had forgotten to pull inside with me to warm up.....I never heard denim crackle before.....lol!
But it's soooooo nice and warm and cozy in there all wrapped and quilted up...
kinda like being back in the womb, without all that nasty, sticky amniotic fluid!...lol!

Nothing exciting to mention today, I'm still floating on the pink cloud from seeing and spending time with Michelle M. last night. Today was the usual routine; Giant, library, [where I checked out a copy of "The Bippolo Seed, and Other Lost Stories" by Dr. Suess, a collection of stories from 1950-51 that were only published in magazines, never in book form.... I got it to read with Rachel, and Ed & Devin....'nod nod wink wink'....lol], and oh yes I did see my MICA professor friend, the other Michelle, as I was on the bus stop and she was in the car waiting for the light to change...it's a long light so we had a nice little chat...lol, then bus to train to train, to the coffee shop. It seemed to be old home week with Abe, and Zeke, and Stewart stopping in and saying hello, and of course John Erby was there, and the tall blond woman whose name I do not know, but who is a regular visitor with her gentleman friend, and whose style and poise and beauty is such that a couple weeks ago I was compelled to compliment her on her wardrobe choices and accessories and told her that she was the epitome of 'casual elegance'. This seemed to please her to no end and now every time we meet she favors me with her million megawatt smile....and I just melt.......lol!

Oh yes and there was one new and exciting discovery I made today...
'Boars Head Mesquite Smokehouse Beef Brisket'..
....as Flava Flav would say--"Yeeeeeeeah Boyee!!!!!!!!!

Time to finish off the rest of it...don't want it to freeze (nearly) solid tonight, like my water bottle and Powerade bottles did last night. A 'Brisket Slurpee' doesn't sound that appetizing....except maybe to a poor guy with the broken jaw and mouth wired shut.................lol!

Tomorrow it's the Light Rail to Hunt Valley around 2:00 pm. to be picked up by Jenn and then back out to East Bumfu..........Monkton to watch the grandmonsters so she and Tom can go to his 9 year anniversary.
I would have been nice to be out there last night to see the meteor showers, especially since Tom got a pretty decent telescope for them for Xmas....NO 'light pollution' out there in the 'sticks' ... (though some very nice and pricey 'sticks' these days........lol).


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