Friday, January 27, 2012

"You Have The Right To Remain Stupid...........&...............Sushi With My Sweetie...................."

Good Evening;
So.....After leaving here last night I ran into the guy who lives under the bridge, (And about whom I still owe you a story), on the bus to the Plaza Subway station.
 We traded a bunch of the bagels I had for some of the Clementines,[tiny oranges], he had, and chatted for a while. He was in one of his very lucid, though manic,  phases and the conversation ranged from jungle warfare to navigating the urban jungle to soup recipes. 
We parted company with my accepting an invitation to come by his "aerie" one evening next week for a joint 'stone soup'/'pot au feu' effort from scavenged ingredients....more to follow.

After I hit the Giant and prevented a major shoplifting attempt of men's toiletries and hygiene items by an obvious moron, who did not even know better than to come into the camera filled "Gucci Giant" while decked out in 'thug wear'. On top of that he tried to walk into the men's room with a shopping basket filled with 20 or 30 pieces of the same 5 types of merchandise. As I was coming out he backpedaled and placed the basket on the ground outside the door. I stood there looking at the 'scratch and dent' items shelf and sending a text on my phone and he  did a double take on the way out and began babbling about how he 'better check with her and see if these were the right things', looking all around and over his shoulders as he started 'geeking and tweaking', and took off around the corner calling a woman's name......and then made a beeline to the front door and dove into a waiting car which pulled off and left....after turning the headlights out!?
Just goes to show that stereotypes and profiles gotta originate somewhere.
Act and look like a thief---get treated like a thief.
{I used to 'boost' back in the "bad old days".......I guess my disdain is just that of the professional for the rank amateur.......LMAO!!!}

I got into the shed about 11:30 pm. after stopping at the gas station and ended up sleeping on top of the sleeping bag after watching "The Office" and "My Name Is Earl" on the portable...(that's about the charge limit for the battery)...until 3:30 am.when I both had to be and got It rained cats and dogs for a while, but stayed warm all night...warm for a January night that is.

Today I went over Rachel's for lunch after hitting the Giant in the morning for Little Debbie Cakes and drink pouches off the 'scratch and dent' shelf, scoped them out last I the had to stop at 'Whole Foods' to get the sushi she requested and caught the bus up the hill to the apartment. We ate and read Dr. Suess, and took a walk in the sunshine and I came back here to the coffee shop about 5:00's 8:30 and I'm packing up to leave.....and that's about it for now.


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