Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Good Morning;

So it's Tuesday, and I forgot that the library was closed on Columbus Day and now my timebase is all out of whack,...all sorts of things, such as the D.S.S. office were closed...(which I am lucky I realized BEFORE I went to the 'Scheduled Return Date' that I was assigned last month. Seems to me that the morons there could look at a REAL calendar rather than some generic 'xx number of business days from today' calculator program, but that's just me expecting competence from the entrenched civil service, 'can't be fired', ghetto attitude bureaucracy here...I really should know better)...but the buses were on a normal weekday schedule, as opposed to a holiday/Sunday schedule, which adds to the confusion....ANYWAY....

Working backwards..as per usual....lol;

I went up to the St. Thomas Starbucks in the morning, only because a #59 bus stopped in front of me as I came around the corner, and spent a few hours there repeatedly answering the question.."where ya been?", (which you, loyal reader are already caught up on...lol), and spoke with Allan (who was as surprised as I was that I was there...lol), and then left to go to the Mt. Washington store so I could sit outside..(keeping my dirty mug so as to get my free refills....mama didn't raise no dummies...[psychotics and neurotics yes, but no dummies.....lol]. I was sitting on the rear patio, and when I went in for a refill, through the window to the front patio, I saw an arm frantically waving 'hello', it was my oldest daughter Jenn who had been sitting out there while I was in the back...lol. We talked for a half hour or so ubtil she had to go open up the church for her meeting at 7:30 pm. My grand daughter Devin had been in the hospital last week for an infection and had to have a drain put in the wound. This has also happened to Edward too. That damn MRSA is a real bitch of an infection, and it is truly surprising how prevalent it actually is, and how it can lay benign for long periods of time, with some people never getting ill from it.

From there, I left a little after closing, and went by train and train and bus back to Pikesville, taking the 'scenic route' to kill time. As I got off the bus in front of the gas station, the police chopper was circling with it's spotlight on and thee were 4 cop cars with their flashing 'Oh Sh*t' lights on, and a couple of detective cars there. As I was crossing the lot an officer told me I could not go in right now, but that no one was hurt..(I asked). I went past my shed and peered at the door to see if my 'tell-tales' were undisturbed..(they were)..the last thing I need is to have some one hiding out in there. I slipped in and barred the door and went to sleep...(with one ear and eye open....my other worry was that some cop would also think some one was hiding in there.)..and got up about 7:15 am.
2 days back..Sunday;
I slept a bit later, and then went to the Giant and picked up some salad and some really nice looking steak..( ya gotta get there fairly early, when the butcher just puts the $$$ off reduced price sticker on, you can save BIG money if you take advantage of ALL the discounts and bonuses..I ended up paying $1.99/lb. for 1$11.99/lb. Angus Beef!)..and a loaf of day old garlic bread..(if you're gonna toats it anyway, may as well save a buck!). Anna Marie met me at the train station in Lutherville and I jumped in the shower and threw my clothes in the washer, (and ended up trashing 2 pair of shorts that were so threadbare as to be almost transparent and a bunch of socks, none of it would have survived another wash anyway, and the season has changed), and made it upstairs to just see the end of the opening kickoff. We yelled, screamed, and moaned at the TV during the first hafl, cooked during half time...(when did halftime get so short, I could not even get the steaks broiled, RARE!!!, and ended up OVERCOOKING them a bit trying to watch 'just this one play'...lol, in the third quarter. (We ended up damn near losing our lunch in the last 22 seconds of the 4th quarter....typical Ravens!). WE sat and talked and watched TV until dark, and on the way back to the train she asked me to go to the new Giant in Timonium with her, where we had a blast as she bought all sorts of Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and lights...(one of her weaknesses she is able to indulge as she is allowed to deduct it as a business expense)....{she has run a licensed daycare for the past 20+ years, and is now raising the kids of kids she raised}. I took the train and the bus and the bus back to my little hidey-hole...(and I may have to start looking to re-locate, there was some one coming out of the empty office building Sunday morning!!, and I noticed today that a certain pole, an extension for a paint roller was missing, I'm not sure when it went, but not more than a few days ago. So SOMEONE has at least opened the door, and it has been 'un-wedged' a few time, but sometimes the wind will do that so I am not sure which time. My extra and dirty clothes and sleeping bag have not been taken, though my old broken boots, which I should just throw out...lol, MAY have moved once. GREAT just what I need, MORE stress and tension!).
Alright times uo now and I am going to Mt Washington and eat my sandwich...Outside! I have to run by Monkee's later and I hope to see Rachel tomorrow.
Still in desperate need of cash!!!!...will trade!!!
see you later.......Dave

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