Thursday, October 1, 2009

".....'Oderint dum metuant'..........OR The New Motto Of Some Of Baltimore City's Finest?.........."

Good Morning;
Yesterday I saw the young woman who was taken off the corner by some of the 'knockers' last week. She and her boyfriend and I crossed paths at the Lightrail Station and I asked how she made out. It turns out that she was never even charged or actually arrested, although threatened with both trumped up charges and detention if she did not cooperate with the police and act as an (unwilling) informant and make a 'controlled buy' with marked bills in sight of a covertly stationed undercover officer who would watch and witness the transaction....(can you spell "Coercion" boys and girls?)...She called their bluff and since she was neither 'dirty' nor 'wanted', they were forced to let her go, of course at the location where they had taken her to force her to work for them NOT where she was picked up....Petty inconveniences and harassment, that'll win friends and influence people....and the cops wonder why there is 'stop snitching' culture..(which I do NOT agree with, I must strongly declare...but I DO comprehend)..on the streets of "Bulletmore, Murderland" as it is called in the hood.
Okay, I've got to sign off now, because I am getting nauseous from the smell of rotten stale and half burnt tobacco reeking off the guy next to me.....
I'm outta here before I puke............back later.........Dave

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