Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Whoo Hoo!!! We Have A Winner!!.......OR........Whatta Ya Mean Send $99.99 For Shipping And Handling?!?!?....I Don't Even Want A Cement Bicycle!!!..."

Good Morning and Happy Halloween!;
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Now don't be coy, who are you and when are you picking me up for dinner?
(Remember...The longer you wait...the hungrier I get...the higher the check...LOL)
Enough silliness;
In all seriousness I am truly grateful to all the 'loyal readers' and casual drop-ins who read my words, knowing that someone, anyone, is out there listening and caring enough to come back means a lot. And to those of you who have made contact through comments or e-mail, Thanks for taking the time out of your life to talk to me and share your thoughts. And for those few with whom I have met through this little 'exercise in exorcism'..( I really ought to trademark that phrase, I like it and use it so much...LOL), or whose interest in it has brought us closer together, I am especially appreciative of the time we can spend sharing ideas, saving the world, or just swapping lies.
I'll probably go through this whole spiel in about 3 and 1/2 weeks, since the anniversary of this blog is basically Thanksgiving, so I'll just sign off...(yeah shut now with a heartfelt...
"Y'awl keep comin' back naow, y'heah!!!"
Allan took me to Mt. Washington yesterday, and we sat and talked for an hour or so. About 5:00 I went down to North Ave and I-83 to try to get a few dollars. I was such a nervous wreck, constantly looking over my shoulder with a raging sense of paranoia, I left after 20 minutes. One car had stopped and gave me $2.00 and the flower guy Mohammad and I talked for about 35 minutes and he slipped me $2.00 also. I went back to the coffee shop, (it is only 3 stops up the Light Rail), and waited until 8:00 pm. and headed over Monkee's. I had found 4 quarters in my bag so I had $5.00 to give her and she let me have enough 'bupe' so I am fine until at least Monday or Tuesday.
When I had went back to get a coffee refill Ashley asked me if I wanted a "Protein Plate", (Hard boiled Egg, Baby Bagel, a couple Apple slices, half a dozen Grapes, 2 small triangles of Cheese, and a squeeze package of Peanut Butter), so I did get a little 'real food' in me. After I left Monkee's I took the bus to Johns Hopkins to the Metro and back to Reisterstown Plaza, where I hit the Popeye's dumpster for a few pieces of chicken and a biscuit. Then I caught the bus up to the Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some Munchkins and powdered donuts. That is today's meal. I saw Mike at the library and he offered me a handful of change, eager to be able to help me out for a change, since every other time he offered I was not in need. So that is coffee money. I have to raise $1.20 for the bus tomorrow, and $1.65 for coffee, and if I can get more for food great, but if I have to go to the corner, I am aiming for the bare minimum I need and then leaving. I'd like to go out on Sunday morning and get some cash early and take Rachel to the Disney on Ice show, (which ends on the 1st, and of course I am expecting some money on the 2nd), but not if my nerves are still shot. Sundays ARE usually pretty good though.
Some days I actually enjoy being out on the corner, begging, sick as it may sound, meeting and talking to people, and it seems that mood and attitude reflect the quality and quantity of donations, (along with time of month and weather).
Other is a demeaning, soul sucking, spirit destroying agony!
Anyway, I'm out of here, heading to Mt. Washington, I welcome company and conversation if anyone is going that way, (always be sure to check the back patio, it is where I spend the most time, weather permitting; if it is not too wet I'll be out there today too), and if we have not met yet, ask one of the barristas, I'm officially a 'regular'
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If Anyone else wants to refer me to the "Make Money..Post Ads On Google" garbage out this reply to Neil.....
(the highlighting is mine....obviously!!!....ROTFLMAO!!!!)
Hi Neil; Thanks but NO THANKS!!!!...IT IS!! A SCAM!!
I checked this one out long ago...........LOL..................Dave
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