Monday, October 5, 2009

"Where's WALDO?????.....The Hell With Waldo....Where's DAVE????????????.........................."

Good Evening Loyal Readers;

Sorry about the gap in the posts over the past 98 hours and 47 minutes, (not that I was counting.....LOL!), but for some reason BCDC in Towson would not play on their computers...they're no fun!, (neither were the handcuffs, shackles, gates, bars, razor wire, locked cell doors, etc., etc., etc.,.......!!, if you have not guessed by now...BCDC is the Baltimore County Detention Center)........[lol!.....NOT!!!!]. The past few days have not been a whole hell of a lot of fun, (granted it could have been one hell of a lot worse!!), so I'm just going to check in and say, "Hello, I'm safe and I'm free." More details tomorrow.
A couple of comments before I go and look for a cheap room tonight, (and damn the extravagance, it's been 6 months or so since the last time, and my mental health needs a boost, a break, and a bed......{the concrete floor or the slabs of steel covered by a cheap thin pad of the past 4 nights don't count}....and a long hot shower and then a long hot bath are not luxuries tonight but necessities!).

The city cops who stopped me and ran my ID, and found a warrant for an FTA, were 3 of the coolest and considerate guys I've met in a long time. After determining that I was not one of the 'junkie crew' from the corner, they were apologetic that they had run the ID and the warrant popped up and they had to follow through with the arrest. They actually drove me all the way to the Ex'es house from the corner of I-83 and North Ave. so I could drop off my bag so it would not disappear before they took me to Central Booking in the city, and called the county sheriff's, who showed up even before I was finished being processed, for transfer to the BCDC.
That is Above and Beyond!!!....Thanks guys, you know who you are!!...(and SORRY if the information in the previous post was less than 100% accurate, I should have known better than to rely on 'completely unbiased'..(yeah right)..stories from ..."you know who").

We have had a visitor from the Russian Federation, who was referred to the blog site after Googling.....
......{Moio sudno na vozdušnoy poduške polno ugrey}........
I'm still waiting for a comment from some of you.
(Maybe it's just me, but the absurdity of the statement cracks me
The "C.O.s" (Correctional Officers of the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services) at "the Bookings" or "Central Booking" (BCBIC= Baltimore Central Booking And Intake Center) have a real scam going on, when my property and money was inventoried, the bills (paper money) was counted and placed in an envelope for me to confirm and sign off on, but the coin was left sitting on the counter, and not just mine, I saw this happen to at least 4 other people's coins, I know I had at least $1.80 in coin because some one had just given me 7 quarters and a nickel, and I had already had some coins in my pocket previously. Being in fact, one of the largest ' arrest and booking centers' in the country, the volume of people through there is phenomenal, as is the amount of change possible to 'miscount'....and the only witnesses are the ones in no position to make any waves or have any impact. I'm not saying ALL the C.O.s are crooked but this is only the tip of a very large iceberg, as can be evidenced by the recent examples of 'contraband' found in the facility, most of which could only be smuggled in by or "overlooked during initial search'..wink wink, nod nod.. C.O.s. More later.
Good night all, I'll be back some time tomorrow, hopefully.
I have tentative plans to see Rachel on Tuesday to do something....ANYTHING!!!!!
I saw her this afternoon when I picked my bag up and she was very excited to see me, and about tomorrow. She was going bowling for the first time, after dinner tonight, so that shoots down that idea I had, I hope they take pictures.

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