Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Breaking Weather (Balloon) Updates..............."

Good Afternoon;
Rain, cold, and Rachel was up with a cough last night..plans changed. We just played at her house, I showered, and I am out of here to the Mt. Washington store soon.
Back to the library in the morning, see you then........Dave

P.S. a letter from D.O.R.S., initial appt. for intake eligibility (or not), on Tuesday 10/20/09.
I am beyond any expectations at this point, ....BUT....?? we'll see. maybe I'll get lucky enough to get a lift over to Argonne Drive,( it's on one of the lousier bus routes in this town).

P,P,S, .............anyone see the balloon fiasco in Colorado this afternoon?.. At this point the kid's whereabouts are still a mystery! Damn I miss TV and cable/satellite access!

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