Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Don't Second Guess Intuition........OR.......Next Time,...Go With Your Gut,,,And...."Keep On Truckin'.."!......"

Good Evening;
Today was one of those proverbial 'good days'. I spent the night at the motel last night, slept in a real bed, took 2 (two) loonnggg HOT showers, had some real food that is fit and qualified for human consumption and did not come slopped on a beat up plastic 'heat saving...HAH!...tray' by inmate workers and doled out by an indifferent..at best..'correctional' officer, who is either some kind of Dirty Harry wannabe, 'hood rat sista', or mirror image thug in a blue uniform. I left there at 10:59 am. on the dot, (damn skippy, I'm gonna get every pennies worth.........lol!), after drinking the 'free breakfast'...again...HAH!...dry of coffee, (the first REAL coffee in almost a week..the burnt pecan shell/ chicory mix does not count). I walked over to Rachel's mom's house and we all (the three of us and her older (1/2) brother Nosson) all went to the Gucci Goodwill Store in Owings Mills where I wanted to find a pair of long pants, since I had none that were wearable, but no such luck, my anxiety and agoraphobia combined with the total lack of order or size tags afflict me with a kind of 'shopping disorder', and we left and went to Target where I lucked out, nice normal REGULAR FIT!!!!!! jeans on sale, $7.98 a pair. Not a name brand but a reliable facsimile thereof, if I can trade some food credit tomorrow, I'm going to get at least one more pair. I cannot remember when I last had pair of plain blue denims..cutoffs yes, but long pants...2 and 1/2 years maybe?? Rachel and I then had a nice walk down Reisterstown Rd. to the Giant where we put together meat and salad and fruit and had a nice leisurely lunch inside the Succoh that is erected there. We got a call saying the 'Ex' was in the meat dept. inside and where were we and did we need a ride, Rachel giggled and snuck up on her and "surprised"...(wink, wink..lol!)....her, and we went back to the house to drop off the groceries, get my bag, and back to the library, where I got out..and here I sit until close at 9:00 pm, playing on the computer.
I got an e-mail from Neil alerting me to a company/program of Lifebridge Health/Sinai Hospital named VSP which offers rehabilitation and retraining services. http://www.lifebridgehealth.org/lifebridgebody.cfm?id=1923 I am going to look into this organization, other than the blog this homeless sh*t is getting old, and so am I, (and NO lol here this time!).
After this past months beginning with getting locked up I figure things have no where to go but up.
The Details:
I was panhandling on Thursday afternoon and had a feeling that it was time to split, but decided to try for another dollar or two on the next two light changes, when I saw the cop car coming over the hill and around the bend. I folded my sign and started to walk away..But...too late, these guys came around the corner and made a U-turn and that was all she wrote. I told you yesterday that they were really decent guys who went an extra mile to give me the only breaks they could, one of the reasons being that it was a Civil warrant, not a criminal one, others being my total cooperation and good nature..(fatalistic??).. about it all, and there being no evidence of drugs, guns, etc. It was an FTA for the court date I so "intelligently"...and a third time...HAH!!!...blew off in June because there was no way I was coming up with $300.00 and had no interest in sitting in jail for either contempt, or a " Learning Experience". So I sat for 3 days and on the fourth day-'God Created lights in the firmament'........no no no wrong story,(then again....maybe not, I've seen SOME kind of light and...."Somethings Gotta Give" as the song says.....[written by Johnny Mercer, 1955 for Fred Astaire, for the movie "Daddy Long Legs"].....{also the title of the Jack Nicholson Diane Keaton film}..)-I sat in the cage at the Sheriff's office and faced the 'dragon lady of child support', who actually cut me a break...again...and gave me another court date for October 21st, instead of sending me before the judge for the FTA charge, and then sat for 4 more hours until he signed the release order and I got out. Then I came here...and add in the above from today....we're up to date.
Now I have to go see if my sleeping bag is still there and lay my head down.
I'll see you all tomorrow..............Dave

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