Monday, October 19, 2009

"Assorted Bits And Pieces Remembered Right After Signing Off, And/Or In The Middle Of The Night.......AKA..........I Wish I Had A Laptop And WiFi!..."

Good Morning;

So I didn't make it here yesterday, it was only Noon and too early for the library and too cool and wet outside to wait around, so I went to St. Thomas for a 'little while', which ended up being 8 hours...(lol), that's the curse of being too far out with no car. The day was totally non eventful...and dry!

A couple of things....
I forgot to mention about the fun I had wandering around in the rain on Thursday night when I left the gas station to go into the shed. Just as I'm leaving, a cop car pulls up and parks next to the fence, 'showing the flag' as the saying goes, in the wake of the recent robberies...(I found out the Wachovia next to the gas station was robbed the same day)..., no big deal as it concerns me on that some cases virtue IS it's own reward.

BUT!!!.....and this did mess me up for a while.... he parks next to the part of the fence that has a hole in it, facing right at the door to the shed....Grreeaaattttt!!!,'s after 11:30 pm., the Giant is closed, as is everything else around, it's pouring and blowing, every bench around is soaked, under cover or not, and I missed all 4 possible buses. I ducked in and out of doorways for 30 minutes wandering back past the edge of the fence to see if the cop has left, until I finally get inside, just as another one rolled around the I slipped in between the shadows, barred the door, checked MY area for leaks, no water, thank goodness, but I'm seeing a lot more light where insulation has slipped and the outer veneer has rotted or fallen. Time to hit up Giant for some more boxes, and maybe get a hold of a roll of thick polyethylene sheeting and a staple gun, and do my Tim (Allen) Taylor - 'Home Improvement' imitation. The consensus among most forecasters is for a colder winter due to the 'El Nino' this year.....Grreeaaattttt!!!

Social commentary....

Friday night, I am at the Reisterstown Plaza metro stop, waiting to catch the # 59 bus, and because the night before it almost zoomed by me on one side of the station, I went across the street to the side where it HAS to stop, not just speed on by. Dumb Move!!, there are a couple of ghetto garbage, gansta thug, blunt smokin', ass showin', crotch around the knees morons drinking and cussing and yelling and arguing under the first bus shelter, so I go to the further one. They come over and circle around me, each from a different angle, with obvious intentions, and I, with no display of subtlety at all, pull an "object", (insert 5th Amendment here!!!), out of my bag designed to discourage them and make them reconsider their actions. This, combined with the fact that I am no small guy and I am wearing a blue denim coat that was a souvenir of a 'state vacation', known to all who have also been there as a Big Ben, caused a visible alteration in their attitude. They decided to stop and shoot the sh*t with me instead....Grreeaaatttt!!!.... One begins telling me how he just got out after 6 years and then got locked up 8 days later by his girl. He tells me he 'beat on her', no remorse, no guilt, just annoyance that she called the PO-lice. And get this, he was meeting her to give her some money later that night!?!!??? The other guy was just kind of quietly drinking, but the first one was a mess, ranting at anyone who passed by, and starting to mess with me, and then backing off when his buddy pulled him back. He then goes over to one of the concrete pillars, drops his pants, (the rest of the way), and proceeds to take a crap..right out in public. About 15 minutes later he comes over and asks if I have any tissue or napkins, telling me he needed to 'wipe his ass'. The other guy looks at me behind his back and shrugs, as if to say..'hey, I'm just here by myself..he's not really WITH me' that point the bus showed up and I left.

On the bus, a woman is on her cell phone talking about this asshole, and when she starts telling about him taking a dump, she happens to see me look up and she asks if I saw it, and goes off the hook, ranting about..."How in an age when a black man can be elected president, stupid 'niggas' bring down the rest of the countries level of opinion to reflect the ghetto minority, and they should be hunted down and eliminated, not by politicians or police, but by the black community itself".....As she put it.."Put the CIVIL back in civil right first". And before anyone starts yelling racist, she was black; and as I've said before, ignorant is ignorant, eliminate stupidity, no matter what color.

As a side bar, what is with the upswing in the amount of people spitting everywhere? White, black, brown, male, and female, old, and young. Go to the bus stop, subway, or light rail, and is f*cking disgusting. Ghetto attitude and jail culture pervades the lower levels of society, manners mean weakness, and common decency is denigrated.

When I was in BCDC for those few days, I heard the same story a dozen times in a population of 36 people.

"I was locked up for..8-10-12-9-18-29(!)..etc., years, and I was only out on the streets for...the shortest was 3 days- the LONGEST!!! was 3 months!!!..???????

Department of "CORRECTIONS"???
And that is not counting the number of 'dropped' charges, or time served rulings.

I read all the solutions, answers, and proposals in the newspaper, both articles and editorials, from people with all sorts of degrees, and absolutely no concept of how people at street and/or poverty level think or believe.
You'd think that these 'eggheads' would at least ride a bus and listen to the conversations of the people actually affected.
Can you say.."Clueless", boys and girls?
And this relates to crime, drugs, homelessness, and mental illness.....
just as I titled my little book...
one has to see......

"Insanity From The Inside"

(See post = Poetic License - Sunday Feb. 8th..[poem..'Inner Vision]..)
(And post = Just This Little Chromium Switch Here - Thursday May 7th...[book info]..{Mailing address}..)

Enough of that.
I am supposed to go to D.O.R.S. tomorrow morning, I'm not holding my breath though.
On Wednesday I am supposed to go back to court, with some money, in the $500.00 range..yeah right.. I'm not optimistic.

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(Sorry if it bothers anyone, but hey, y'all been reading me for free for 11 and a half months!!.....
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I'm out of here for now, I'll be heading out to Mt. Washington to the Starbucks after I find some thing to eat............see you tomorrow............Dave

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