Friday, October 23, 2009

"A Little Cheese With That WHINE ???????....................."

Good Afternoon;

It's starting to rain steadily now, it looks like another wet weekend. I was going to take Rachel down to Patterson Park for the Halloween Lantern Parade tomorrow, but I think we'll just hit an early discount matinee on Saturday morning instead.

Thanks to a friend I have money to do laundry tonight, so that's my 'hot date' for this the....'the psycho-freako-cracko-drunko-Latino-combo'....

Yesterday I had to go to meet Monkee early, and since Mt. Washington is easy to get to first, I stopped for coffee and atmosphere, and never made it off the patio to go to the library. Both the weather and range and content of the conversations I enjoyed were wonderful. And it seemed to be my day to hit it off with younger women....of course they all were under 5 years old though....LOL!!

There is an interesting comment from James on the "Service With A Snarl....." blog from a few days back. It's always nice to have one's experiences and opinions confirmed. Vindication is only a small victory, but right now, they are the ones that really matter. Thanks James, and I do remember her, (how could I NOT!!!), say hello for me. Thanks for reading, I will keep fighting, and I do admit sometimes I AM fighting myself as much as the system, but at least I can recognize the fact and make choices, there are some out there who not only can't see that, but don't have the luxury of an outlet like this little "Whine Festival" here.
More on the topic of 'Obstructionism' also in future posts.
It's getting to be closing time and I have to call Rachel, so I'll see you ???, maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday.
Thanks all for reading......................Dave

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