Sunday, October 25, 2009

" 'SSDD'.........And I Don't Mean 'Single Side Double Density'.................! "

Good Afternoon.............FINALLY!!!;
It's 4:10 pm. Sunday and I've just gotten on a computer here at the library, there were 26 people waiting when I got here an hour and a half ago. Geez, what are are these people homeless are something??, don't they have lives??..................LOL!!
Anyway.... Rachel and I went to the movie matinee yesterday, ($5.00 before noon, can't beat it!), and saw "Cloudy, With A Chance Of Meatballs", very cute, well worth the money. We walked up to the St.Thomas Starbucks and got a big healthy salad for lunch..(or sa`lad as SpongeBob would call it)..I'm lucky enough to have a child who likes to eat food that is good for her as well as junk food, and who will try anything, since she knows she does not have to eat it if she does not like it. Yesterday, Giant was pushing fresh seafood and was cooking sauteed scallops with lemon,...yup, she loved it,....a developing gourmet palate in a pre-school! After we played checkers to a stalemate,(try getting a 5 year old to quit chasing your king around the, we had some ice cream and her mother picked us up, as it was pouring again.
They dropped me off at the Light Rail, as I was going to Monkee's to get my meds, as I had arranged with her earlier...I Thought!!
I got there and she was gone for the night, and had NOT left a package for me as we had agreed upon. You're thinking..'Oh No', right?
Well, this is how God takes care of fools, drunks, and little children...and on occasion...Me!
As I was getting off the Light Rail, (in the sunshine that hd broken through the end of the rain clouds), I ran in to Sean and Jillian, from the corner where I was panhandling, and he asked where I had been. I told him the whole warrant and arrest and jail and court story, and he handed me a bupe, and said to just give him a few bucks next time I have it. Now this is Before I get to Monkee's and I am think ing, 'Great, now I have an extra!' Little did I know! So the only thing I was out was the wasted travel time. Thanks to the man upstairs, and through him, Sean. AND, I had money for food and coffee for another day and a half.
"Gratitude", .."Don't Leave Home Without It!!"
I'm out of time, and I may not get back on, so I'll see you tomorrow....Dave
P.S. And if you got the SSDD reference, you are an old fart like me, at least 4 generations of storage media behind the times.....LOL!!
Actually, I'm going to use it again, with amore social commentary...D.

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