Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Play Misty For Me..................."

Good Morning;
It's cool outside, chilly and damp, gray and dreary. A cold mist permeates the air, not quite rain and not quite fog. What they call 'a nice day' in the Pacific Northwest, no wonder they either grow and smoke really, really good weed...or commit suicide so often out!
I'm heading over to Rachel's in a few minutes, not sure what we are doing yet, if anything. It all depends on whether the 'Ex' can trade for some food credit, and if much. I wanted to go outside, but if I can find a discount matinee, we may look for a movie, and then scrounge the Giant and put together a 'fun' lunch, picking and choosing this and that on a whim.
I'm hoping to take a shower and get my head shaved again today, the 'pepper' is losing the battle to the 'salt'. I just put the clippers on the next to lowest setting..'designer stubble'..and it's harder to tell.
I ran in to Allan yesterday as I was leaving here and he dropped me at the Mt. Washington coffee shop, then showed up 2 hours later and we sat and talked and wandered through the Whole Foods and the little bitty Wednesday evening farmer's market outside. Ashley gave me some mark outs for taking out the trash for her at closing, then I took the bus and the bus back "home".
The depression has subsided a little, the pain and noise inside my skull has lessened to a dull continuous roar and pounding irregular thud, it may not sound like much of an improvement to you, but at this time I no longer feel the desire to walk into traffic or drive spikes into my ears to try to make it stop and silence the screams echoing around in my brain...which can be quite distracting and annoying...don'tcha know..... I'm hoping that spending some time with Rachel will help, it usually does.
As for the rest, all the usual crap still pertains.

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