Friday, October 30, 2009

"Lucky Number 13 Wins!; YOU May Already Have Won......................OR.......................You Break It.....,You Bought It!......"

Good Morning;
Well, you' ve almost done it.

The 'hit counter' is reading 2,987. That means the 13th visitor from now... 10:57 am. ... October 30th 2009 ... will roll over the odometer to 3,000 visitors!

Like the pretentious posters in the Starbucks say, "Good Job You!"...LOL

To find out if you are the 3,000th visitor, scroll alllll the way dowwnnnn to the very end of the page, and in the left hand corner you will see a blue box with yellow numbers, if it says '3,000'........Ta Da......YOU WIN!!

I hear everyone out there excitedly wondering, 'Is it me??', and 'Did I Win??', and 'Just what IS the amazing and awesome, magnificent and magical gift that is being presented to the one lucky winner, soon to be the object of envy of all the other boys and girls??'
Well, I'll tell you.... a lot of cogitation went into the choosing of this once ion a lifetime opportunity. The judges and the licensed, bonded and secured, and insured agents who will assist in the determination of the winner and act as neutral and impartial observers to eliminate any possible taint of fraud or tampering...(kind of like the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, but Without the anti-Israeli bias!). The management tried to get the well known and famous Insurers and Fiduciaries, Lloyds Of London to oversee the details, but for obvious financial reasons they were not available, so the less well known, (in fact they tend to shun publicity of any type and strive to remain out of the public eye), but equally Infamous organization, Guido's Of Little Italy, is providing 'protection' to ensure an honest count.

But I digress,....

The chief judge has decided that the penultimate prize would be an opportunity to meet and greet, wine and dine, and schmooze with the author of this little blog. Yes!! An ALL EXPENSES PAID..."Dinner With Dave"...(at a restaurant to be chosen at the dicretion of the judges)

I, (I mean HE), determined through rigorous research that this 'chance of a lifetime' would appeal to the loyal readers who religiously follow the trilas and tribulations of our hero, and, is something they could afford. (Oh...did I neglect to mention that the expenses are to be paid by the winner...hey I'm broke, you knew that!)

Of course the ULTIMATE prize would be a weekend at the beach!...(bet you thought that I misused the word penultimate, didn't you?...or did you?, most people don't actually use it properly.....LOL).

(I don't know if there is a single word that describes a situation Beyond ultimate, but the Prize would be the weekend at the beach...with a lover.....!)

{Okay, I'm back. Had to check the hit change yet.}
So I'll check back later and look at my statistics and see from where and from what ISP the winner came. I don't have any more personal information than that, other than the browser used and the time zone, so you've got to comment or E-mail me if you are #3,000.
Start saving your pennies, pay down your credit cards.........I'm hungry for a real meal!....LOL
P.S. I've got a nice new pair of jeans and a button down shirt, that's as formal as I can get right now, unless of course, you really want to go somewhere fancy and want to buy me a suit.....oh, and I'll need dress shoes to go with it too......LOL!

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